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Elemental Workshop III - Quest Help Wrong

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Okay, Tip.It's quest help gets it wrong again! A few years ago I swore I would never write in forums again with the number of careless stuff ups and errors I find in Quest Help.


However, I have had a number of Runescape friends and myself have had nothing but trouble using the Elemental Workshop III Puzzle formula for Puzzle # 2.


Using the formula as suggested by Tip.It does not, repeat does not give you the desired result as shown in their Puzzle 2 diagram. One of two things; either the diagram pic is wrong or the formula is wrong. Which, I do not know, but as a suggestion I feel the written formula is incorrectly written down.


I have tried their Puzzle 2 solution formula several times exactly as they have written it, and I have had over the shoulder supervision watching itensely my movements as per Tip.It's instructions and the puzzle refuses to come out matching their picture solution.


So, players if you are still having trouble with Elemental Workshop III puzzles don't feel too bad because even the so-called quest experts who endeavour to help, they cannot get it right either.


Sorry I cannot offer a correct solution but if someone does know the correct formula I am sure Tip.It and thousands of other players would really apprecite it added here. Thanks.


Cheers all.



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Hi there,


We have a few crew members who will be doing this quest in the near future and we will be sure to have everything 100% accurate after they have completed. I will have the crewbie take new pictures in the process.


Even though it does not match the picture in the guide, does following steps for each puzzle work out in the end?




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I find it odd tip.it guide for the most part uses formulas I supplied and tripled checked and had many people use prior to their inclusion in the guide. And they took a while to get into the guide as the crewbie dealing with it thoroughly checked it themselves.

Also given how many weeks the guide has been out now it seems crazy that only 2 posts have come out saying it is wrong and in both cases they were different puzzles.


So I'm intrigued to see what the crewbies discover when they check this out.


Edit: I suppose in both cases it is puzzles which have repetitive segments so they are easily to muck up.


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I just did the second puzzle not too long ago, and it worked fine for me?

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