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Changing default sound settings for headphones


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I want to be able to plug my headphones into the front jack of my computer and have sound come out of them. Currently, nothing happens if I do that because the rear jack is the default and goes to speakers. I can't figure out how to do this on Windows 2000 (it only took me like five minutes to figure it out on 7) so I figured somebody'd know how to do it here.


I think the front 3.5mm jack is attached/on the CD drive in the front, I'm not sure though- but it's the CD drive that came with the computer, I believe. (as in it's a piece of another peripheral?)

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I'm assuming the front jack is on the computer case itself. If so, along the inside of the case there should be a cable coming from the jack. Is this cable plugged into the motherboard?


Besides that, control panel -> sounds + multimedia -> audio tab ->preferred playback device.


2000 isn't that old, my servers are all still running linux and server 2000.

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Preferred playback device gives me two options, neither of which produce sound from headphones plugged into the front. And I can't access 'Advanced' because I don't have admin rights.


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