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Is there any way to mark posts?


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Is there a way to save or mark a post so that I can quickly bring it up to avoid asking the same question and forgetting all the helpfull info, like on daily activities or summoning calculator? This would be very helpful, kind of like a favorites feature. Thanks a lot

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Add it to your brower's bookmarks? As long as the thread doesn't get deleted it should still be there.

[hide=Drops]Slayer:Draconic Visage x3, Abyssal Whip x23, Dark Bow x3, Dragon Platelegs x3, Dragon Boots x40, Dragon Plateskirt x4, Shield Left Half x3, Dragon Medium Helms x10


CS: Zamorakian Spear x2, Zamorak Hilt x1, Bandos Chestplate x1, Sara Sword x1

DKs: Dragon Hatchet x3 Beserker Ring x1[/hide]

[hide=Completed Goals]99Attack.pngAchieved April 26, 200999Defence.pngAchieved Sept. 15, 200999Hitpoints.pngAchieved Nov. 21, 200999Strength.png Jan. 10, 2010

99Slayer.png Achieved Mar. 5, 2010[/hide]


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You can click "Watch Topic" at the top of the page of any topic you go to which will add it onto a list you can view on the main forum index.


Not sure if that's exactly what you were looking for though.

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