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(Jagex Cup) BK VS. DG


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For this round of the 20v20, we were matched up to fight Dutch Generation. Unfortunately, it was set for Saturday, but as a lot of our officials were busy this Saturday and I had to work. We had to move the fight to Sunday and DG agree. So, we decided no rings allowed for this fight since they have to fight TMC later today for the full out round of the cup. Best of luck in that fight DG.


Pre war, we had a 99 party for Drkness4ever(Self) who just no lifed his way to 99 dungeoneering! Great job bro :D






Rules as follows..






-All Styles

-North Spawn Attacks

-Center Bounds

-No Corr

-No Dungeoneering

-No Rings Allowed









We started with a pile on Bir 25 and DG piled Halo. Unlucky for us, they both tanked well, but Halo dropped before our pile did. After this, we managed to transition on a few quick piles and get a couple quick kills to ragain the lead.


The fight continued on with us getting some good piles and excellent style switching until the end result.






Thanks a lot for the fight DG, you guys are a very respectable clan and we wish you luck in the rest of the torny. It was a very clean fight, thanks for it



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