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Ranged Training


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So I plan on training range from level 61-70 so I can equip black D'hide armour specificly

I am currently doing slayer but I have been mainly recieving tasks like trolls, or jellies which aren't range ideal

I also considered Pest Control but this would require over 1600 tickets which would take along time on the intermediate boat.


I was hoping someone could lead me to a guide or show explain to me some good training areas and the gear to wear to these locations for optimal success.


As it stands I have access to

Full Red D'hide

Rune crossbow (no ammo specified, looking for a recomondation)

Magic Shortbow (no ammo specified, looking for a recomondation)

Freminik archer helmet

Accumulator (for steel arrows)


I understand that fire giants and Ogres are effective training, but these areas are typically packed so I was wondering if anyone knew any other effective training areas?


?would standard training be faster than Pest Control (I would be using melee gear in Pest Control, but the tokens would go towards range)?


What are good slayer tasks to traing Range other than pyrofiends?



only 2 skills below level 50 :)

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Start fremennik isles and throwing knife the yaks.

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Start fremennik isles and throwing knife the yaks.


Good exp for cheap. Just use bronze or iron knives, they have really low defense.

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ogres always worked fine for me, or just cannon at rock crabs

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