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~¤ Zemus's Goals/Achievements Blog ¤~

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~ ¤ ~ Zemus's Goals and Achievements ~ ¤ ~

Max Overall



[Agility: 98/99] ~ [Mining: 98/99]

[RuneCrafting: 97/99] ~ [Dungeoneering: 116/120]


Currently Training: Agility - Advanced Barbarian Course



Hello and welcome to my Goals/achievements/bunch of other random stuff blog.

I Originally was just going to post my goals and stats needed for max overall but i've decided to expand on it a little, hope you enjoy reading it and feel free to leave a comment too :shades:


[hide=About me]


Yo my names Michael, I'm 17 and from the east coast of Australia (around 2h north of sydney if anyones near there :P). When i'm not owning it up on the Runescapeness I play soccer on the weekends and have been for almost 10 years, go to the gym, and hang out with friends doing just about anything (no homo).

I'll listen to just about any type of music, though favourite genre is rock/metal, anything with a nice guitar riff :thumbup: some of my favourite bands are; Muse, Escape the Fate, Bullet for my Valentine, Alexisonfire.



I've been playing the scapes for about 6 years now off and on when my friend introduced it to me, didn't really like it at first but I guess it kinda stuck :P.

Nowadays I'm more of a skiller than anything, but I still do a bit of everything. I still go pking regularly with my clan Wilderness Guardians and Pk team Ancient Fury. I still do bosses sometime but nowhere near as much as before, i'll post below my loot and you can see for yourself ^_^.



I joined my first and only clan in November 2007, The Wilderness Guardians, when my friend told me about them, and have not regret it since. I've made some great friends here and have shared experiences that i won't forget. If anyone of you is clanless then I suggest you give them a shot, there are links in my sig :)

My ranks in the clan

Accepted as Trial Guardian - November 16, 2007

Promoted to Higher Guardian - March 10, 2008

Promoted to Raid Leader - October 01, 2009

Went to Emeritus - January 25, 2010 (Retired rank)

Promoted to Elite Guardian - March 17, 2010 (Returned to activity)

Promoted to Raid Leader - July 31, 2010


I think thats about it, if you have any questions feel free to ask. I'm fairly open so i'll most likely reply to anything[/hide]


[hide=Bank Pic]

I'll just include my main stuff. Probably have another 100m orso lying around (mostly in pk sets)










[hide=Boss Drops]

I don't have any pics because of reinstalling windows/new comps and I just havent bothered screen'ing since then, I do have a pretty good idea of drops though.

Most of the drops are CS (except for Tds which are 90% Solo). I have no idea how many gwd armour pieces I've gotten.


Armadyl Hilt: 60

Bandos Hilt: 20

Saradomin Hilt: 10

Zamorak Hilt: 5


Dragon Claws: 16


DKs: Made around 100m from dks combined (Axes, rings, bones etc)

Sigils: 0. (Though I have missed a divine, 2x elysian and 2x spectral through LS)


I've made approximately 4B from bosses in total, I armadyl'd mostly in 2008-2009 when I was leading my GwD clan, when the hilt was at 120m.

If you're wondering why I'm so poor now, well.. my internet connection really sucks :^_^: Majority of it was lost from connection lost and dying at Gwd, back when if you dced/logged your grave disappears, so people have about 2 secs to bless if you dc.

Think i've lost about 30 armadyl sets/ranger boots from that? Lol oh well im not bothered..



~ ¤ ~ Most Recent Achievement ~ ¤ ~



Alright so if you haven't guessed already my main goal is maxed overall. I'll be updating my progress every level so be sure to check back, also i'll usually be in the cc 'His Lordship' if anyone wants to chat :)

The stats are in the order that I plan to train them, as well as briefly how I plan on training them.


Overall - 2488/2496 ¤~

Starting Levels



Fishing - 99/99

I train fishing near the whirlpool/waterfall using the barbarian training thing. My method of training is fish one, then quickly drop 2. If you're quick enough you can catch another fish right after you drop (as you have a chance at catching a fish every 3 seconds orso, so you drop in the 2 seconds between catches). This way, you dont lose anytime as opposed to fishing a full invent then dropping. Using this method should get you around 65k/h.

• 97 Fishing - 18/7/10

• 98 Fishing - 21/7/10

• 99 Fishing - 25/7/10


Hunter - 99/99

I'll train hunter by catching butterflies bare-handed. Its a little faster xp/h than chins and you dont have to worry about finding a world or getting crashed, also gives a nice bit of agility xp so i should get to around 94 or 95 agility before even training it :3

• 92 Hunter - 26/7/10

• 93 Hunter - 28/7/10

• 94 Hunter - 30/7/10

• 95 Hunter - 31/7/10

• 96 Hunter - 2/8/10

• 97 Hunter - 4/8/10

• 98 Hunter - 5/8/10

• 99 Hunter - 6/8/10


Agility - 98/99

I should have around 94-95 agility before actually training this from hunter, so i'll just finish off the last few levels at the advanced barbarian course, while also using my penance horn for 2x xp. With the horn it's around 120k xp/h.

• 92 Agility - 27/7/10

• 93 Agility - 3/8/10

• 94 Agility - 7/8/10


Mining - 92/99

Mining will be at the concentrated gold rocks, using the penance horn and high-alch method i should get around 150k xp/h.


Runecrafting - 97/99

Dear god.. runecrafting. Yeah this is my most hated skill and im doubting if i will even make it to 99 but yeah, ill be training it at the Zmi using all 4 pouches and abyssal lurker pouches, as well as using any penguin points/lamps. Around 55k xp/h

• 91 Runecrafting - 26/7/10


Dungeoneering - 116/120

If i ever do end up finishing those goals for all 99's, then i plan on also getting 120 DG. It's currently my favourite stat so i don't think it'll be *too* tedious going all the way to 120. But that's a long while away anyway.

With my usual team I averaged out around 100k xp/h.


24th to 2496 Overall   ~  29th to 120 Dungeoneering


~ Wilderness Guardian since November 2007 ~

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Very impressive. Good luck on those last few skills. :thumbup: :thumbup:


Thanks :3


Oh also, got this




24th to 2496 Overall   ~  29th to 120 Dungeoneering


~ Wilderness Guardian since November 2007 ~

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personally, i cant view swiftimg lol cause i hate swift and it dont like me either i guess :P


However swiftimg doesnt always work properly either, so might consider upload through imageshack or something i'd suggest



Anyways nice thread, read it all.


Beast be beast

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C'mon Zemus!!! WROO WROO WROO WROO!!




Feel free to stop by our community for lots of new experiences, alot of new friendly faces and proffesional ingame experience.

Visit us at:

WG forums

WG Memberlist

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