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Just another rate this thread.

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Yeah, consider this an update of what i have been up to since coming back to runescape at the end of April, as the last rate this thread on these forums was more than a year ago(and most of that time ive been well away from the game). Its likely I wont be around as much as i have been lately from about september/november.


The few achievements/milestones will not be posted in an order of when they were achieved, but in the order of how i rank them from best to worst.


First, the total experience achievement. When i came back i was at around 406M total experience, average for my levels, and i really only cared about getting the new skill up to a respectable level. After reaching that small goal i really needed a new approach to the game in terms of keeping myself on my toes while not getting bored with the game for a 6-7th time. I wasnt at all exited about training the 6 skills that i had yet to max out thus i needed something other than sitting at a bank learning the ge curves wasnt my thing anymore and monster hunting has never been my thing in terms of having all the money i need and having nothing new to achieve in it(having already got FFA divine and solo arma hilt). And the solution? to train skills i have already maxed out, as those are skills that i do like. So with a big portion of slayer and some random skilling, ive finnaly reached my first total xp milestone:




The second milestone is one that has previously been craved after by many and of great historical importance, but not much use for me. Why? Firstly, because after toughing out the pain of ZMI-ing 86-87 RC, i decided not to ever runecraft for levels ever again, and as of the effigy update, its still possible for me to max out the skill, and secondly because rc would be a lousy, boring moneymaker for me. The level was reached from 87 by effigies/lamps and some penguins(i dont specifically hunt for them).




The third and forth achievement are as byproducts of hunting for effigies and im likely to soon continue with powerslaying as its much more amusing than bluntly killing frost dragons, though worse for effigies.(i actually got these two on the same slayer task)






And last, a meaningless level for me, finally got it done using my 2 pairs of hunter brawlers, half of the last level came from dungeoneering.




Constructive criticism and advice is always welcome, but i will not guarantee listening to any of you.

First to 99 Farming on 27. September, 2005.

First to 3766 Port Score on 20. March, 2014.

First to 4664 Port Score on 2. March, 2015.

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Very nice mate. The aim of this game is to have fun and since you don't care about maxing out by training specific skills, getting effigies seems like a good way to go.


Good luck in your future goals!



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The 20m slayer exp picture tripped me out for a second there. It looks like your steel titan is speccing the demon, but it's just facing it and you're d claw speccing. ;) Sneaky sneaky.


Anyway, amazing levels and exp. The FFA divine is particularly cool (though I don't think that was supposed to be a main rating point).

To put it bluntly, [bleep] off.

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