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What to do with 150m?


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So today, I now have all the supplies I need to make house teleport tabs all the way to 99 magic. This is going to make me some serious bank if I manage to follow through with it, and I calculated today that when I'm done my bank will be worth around 150-160m. Here are some of my stats:


85 attack

85 strength

81 defence

78 ranged

74 prayer

57 summoning

62 construction

49 herblore

45 runecrafting


So, what should I do? Invest? Make even more money training combat or RC? Blow some on ranged, herblore, prayer or con? Buy some fancy new armour and weapons? Try flipping godswords/expensive items?

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I think you should actually get the money, THEN we'll talk about what to do with it :P


But personally I would do summon/herblore/prayer, but thats just me being the combat freak i am...

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I agree with the guy above, get the money FIRST. I tend to not put much faith in people when they say "I have the supplies for x skill" because unless the skill is herblore/prayer/summon, it means (BLEEP) all, no offense.


That being said, if you get 150m, blow it on either herblore or prayer imo. Or perhaps summon. :P

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I don't suggest burning your cashpile on prayer or herblore yet. I definitely suggest you train summoning though. At least work towards 68 for a bunyip as it is quite nice for most combat training. You can set a goal towards a unicorn later, but a bunyip has quite a bit of pull for the low requirement level it has. I would then suggest working your melee's and range to 90+ (maybe just 85 range if you really dislike it).


After this I would start to worry about burning a hole through your pocket with prayer or herblore. Both prayer and herblore cost relatively the same amount in regards to gp/xp. You're looking at 20-24gp/xp dependant on current GE pricing. I believe prayer with dragon bones it about 22gp/xp at this moment, and herblore is similar dependant on the potion (think limps are crashing again). Basically your end goals (aside from 99) in these two stats should be roughly 95 prayer (all prayers) and 91 herblore (can stew to overloads).


They will both cost relatively the same, but I personally feel prayer to be the more useful of the two. Soulsplit is like smite on steroids, and turmoil is piety's badass older brother (turmoil has the same drain rate as piety). Simply, they're quite powerful, so they have their costs. This isn't saying that the higher end herblore potions aren't without their strengths or uses. I just feel that when you can already buy super potions, there isn't a ridiculous need for the extremes (not a greater need than prayer anyways). In the end it will be your decision. They both help with combat, so both seem like decent choices.


Ohh, and this is all based on you acquiring said cashpile, so good luck with that. |^_^|




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Turmoil actually drains 1 point per two seconds, versus piety's 2 points per 3 seconds, so it's even better :thumbup:. I'd go for 95 prayer, 88 summoning and 95 (not 91) herblore. It is a hassle to stew, though if you have to, do it from 91, not 90. From 91 you can also assit effigies to higher levels, you can get 96 in a few months (for free, that is).

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Ive been in your shoes, and I decided to go for herb before prayer. I don't do a lot of combat, so frankly, both are a waste for me. However, based on my reading, turmoil is probably more useful and effective than overloads. Granted, if you can afford both, get both. I am working through my 27k drag bones as we speak, so I follow my own advice. Give me a couple days and I will let you know which is more useful :P I have a feeling its prayer, but then again, extreme pots, super antis, spec restores, and overloads are extremely useful if you can afford to make them, while also budgeting getting the appropriate levels.



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Quite frankly, if you're getting 99 magic from house tabs, you're probably doing something wrong, as they're a very bad training method. As in, 21k xp/hr. As in a good solid 500 hours of teletabs.


Paradoxically, making house tabs to 99 magic will actually make you very poor, because a rich person generally doesn't cut their experience in half or worse just to make a measly 300k gp/hr. Compare charging air orbs, which give double the xp/hr for about 25k gp/hr less profit, and are still an inefficient training method.


Just thought I ought to point that out.


On the bright side, soft clay seems to be going up this week. Prolly a good time to sell. Hint hint. ;-)

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^^^ Truth. Having said that, play the game the way that makes you happy, not what we say is most efficient. If you want to make house tabs to 99 mage, i see no reason why you shouldn't, apart from efficiency. Youll end up with a lot of money, 99 mage, and the satisfaction of accomplishing it. Don't let opinions or efficiency discourage you.



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^^^ Truth. Having said that, play the game the way that makes you happy, not what we say is most efficient. If you want to make house tabs to 99 mage, i see no reason why you shouldn't, apart from efficiency. Youll end up with a lot of money, 99 mage, and the satisfaction of accomplishing it. Don't let opinions or efficiency discourage you.

Also true, but in this scenario 99 magic is an arbitrary goal and you could just say, "I'm going to make house tabs, and I'll stop whenever I get tired of it." Which is what I've been doing with most of the skills I like these days.

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I would definitly do this is stints if you are actually going to do this, cause that is some really slow exp... But wish you the best of luck. And once you have your 150M or so best to invest it in something you really want or love.

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