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Tip.It Times - 19th September 2010

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My guess is that this is his way of referring to my article as a whole?

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From the second article:


"But there is one name change that continues to annoy me to this day. And that's yours. Ever since we have had the ability to change our names' date=' I've found myself asking more and more people on my friends list who the hell they are. Not because I have not logged in for a while, but because people change their names time and again without changing back, that it has become impossible for me to keep track of it. "[/quote']


+684759234 this. You took the words off my mouth. This is how I have been feeling for quite some time now, I talk to people alot less than I used to and I often catch myself thinking "wtf?" as I glance over my friendslist from time to time.


This article was very well written and talks about a subject that has never been approached before in the Tip.it Times. Congratulations to good ole' Stormrage.

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