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How do players know how much an item is worth?

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inb4everyone still uses GE for all trades except rares/new items


I voted yes btw... multiple times.

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How do you know what an item is worth in real life? People decided the price that they think it is worth and will barter a little. Its also a matter of supply and demand vs contental(yes I made up a word) value. If rune ore was everywhere like iron, its price would be in a similar state to iron, though still staying high due to the high levels needed and would be ~1k-5k I would assume. Its also a mind game and how people buy stuff off each other. If you are selling an item people need right then and there you can get a lot more money than if they just want it. That's why World 1 was always tedious for the buyers and sellers. Most were smart enough to wait around to see if their are lower prices. Which brings us to competition of sellers. When players would enter the alter(quite sad that they moved it IMO) they would look to see who was giving the most money/runes back with ess. The smart players that saw who they traded with gained a loyalty to them and then other crafters would have to raise the reward to get a lot of people to come to them. Can't wait for good ole free trade and for some prices to fix themselves.

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I knew how much stuff was worth when i entered W2 Fally park.


I use to go to W2 Fally park once a day just check the prices of items.

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I really hope G.E prices won't be leading prices as it makes proper old time merchanting, not necesarrily scamming, a lot harder!



You cant do old time merchanting because the merchants of the past provided what the GE does today.


Anyone can tele to the GE and place whatever number of any item for any price.


You dont need someone to collect all the small amounts into a larger amount anymore.


People wont have to mess around with the trade forums anymore they can just place it in the GE


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