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Clan Europe -vs- Silent Ember

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Clan Europe -vs- Silent Ember


Everyones favourite W141 product, Tika ( :wub: ) approached me again for another set of wars vs SE:


  • 30min CWRI & 2x Matched Ops,
  • Turrets No Bounds - Classic Center Bounds,
  • Ring Charging Allowed,
  • Dungeoneering Allowed in R1 and R2 only,
  • Corrupt Dragon Allowed in R1 only,
  • Rush on Sight, North Spawn Attacks then reverse.

Originally it was set as only the first two but afterwards we decided to have a third also (since the 2nd had "different" rules). SE always give us tough fights, we wanted to prove that we were better today.



CWRI: All Styles

- CE Victorious -


CE Starting Ops: 102

SE Starting Ops: 66


Needless to say, there was little SE could do - the corrupt and DG increasing our KO power as if we had 50 people. SE gradually pulled more, peaking roughly 26-27ish but even then some good tanking and long KO streaks on our part overpowered SE on this occasion. We reached our goal of 100 in just under 30mins.


We were looking forward to our next rounds on even numbers.


CE Ending Kills: 106

SE Ending Kills: 32












Matched: Melee, Binds & Blasts

- CE Victorious -


CE Starting Ops: 90

SE Starting Ops: 90


Our numbers dropped and some shared members came to CE to even the numbers.

We'd only ever fought one of these wars before vs RKoF but we prepared ourselves equally well. We had a good combination of styles and were able to take down most of SE's members very efficiently.


CE Ending Ops: 75

SE Ending Ops: 0











Matched: All Styles

- CE Victorious -


CE Starting Ops: 84

SE Starting Ops: 84


SE wanted one final round and we were determined to take home a full house of wins.

After a short wait (sorry for keeping you, SE) to sort out our styles, we prepared ourselves for the last fight. Again, a cracking set of styles and tanking saw us take a very early lead and we we kept this and only ever extended it.


CE Ending Ops: 60

SE Ending Ops: 0











Sorry for the long post with lots of big pictures but I wanted to do this justice.


Firstly, thanks to SE for staying throughout the whole CWRI - respect for not leaving early and sticking it out.

Secondly, we also appreciate SE having some balls to try something different for once in R2, I hope it was fun, or at least different.

And lastly, thanks for all the challenging fights - its an absolute pleasure as always.




[email protected]~



EU Leader | | CE Retired Admin | | TKO Retired Member | | SE Retired Member

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terrible is the best way to describe our performance while you guys did amazing.

grats and thanks for the fight


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we did terrible!

gratz CE you did a great job!


♥ Ex Condemned Army Founder | Ex Silent Ember Council ♥

♥ Aces of War Legend ♥

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Nice work CE :thumbup:


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Congrats, looks like some dominant wins. :P


With love to one, friendship to many, and good will to all.

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