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Im starting yet another blog. :mellow: :thumbup:




Main goal:

200m woodcutting exp



Other goals:







For effigies!





Woodcutting achievement dates:

Level 99 July 07

20m exp March 09

30m exp May 09

40m exp Sept 09

50m exp Oct 09

60m exp Feb 10

70m exp April 10

80m exp June 10

90m exp July 10

100m exp August 10

110m exp October 10

120m exp November 10

130m exp December 10

140m exp Febuary 11

150m exp March 11

160m exp May 11

170m exp July 11

180m exp August 11

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So in the past few days, I did my very first fish flingers minigame.



I got a runecrafting level.



I went to a cannon party.



And I did alot of construction levels, ending with this one. :smile:


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I trained some construction today!



And then I bought a sara god sword. Maybe I can say goodbye to my guthans. :thumbup:







You should totally let me use this thread as a blog..

Sure, why not? :smile:

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Put what you are Woodcutting.

Go for 99 Ranging also. Lots of Ranging Tasks

Sara GS Ftw :)

Youtube user name: birdman258 200MCook 200mPrayer MakinWines MyF2pSkillers

Going for Level 99 Magic & Level 99 Smithing!!!

Going for 200M Woodcutting exp!!!!!!!

0346-0077-6360 Mario kart Wii

I hope that you are Reporting the Bots! Please Report Bots.

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ok wtf you're insane


i thought i was wcing forever l0l




btw youre not using juju pots or adze are you? more special logs if you dont :)


and uhh you roughly gettin 100k wc xp / h?


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Hey guys, Im going a short trip. Ill be back on Monday. I probably wont be doing any scaping until then. :mellow:






Eww, dungeoneering. :thumbdown:


Good luck! :)

Thank you. :thumbup:


fu-.- after trying out teaks i dont think i can go back to mahogany

Lol, I totally know what you mean. :lol: I really wondered how you were chopping mahogany.

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80 dungeoneering needed, dis is 1 big excuse to get you into dungeoneering [email protected]@


Im sorry. Discussion of dungeoneering is prohibited on this blog.

:eek: :pray: :shock: :ohnoes: :blink: :unsure: :mellow: :unsure: :mellow: :unsure:


fyi, ladies dig the talons

Hot man of the Trickster Pirates.

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