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Banking between prayer runs?

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I've been doing gilded altar training on w31 for a bit, and I can see that there are a lot of different ways of banking e.g. going to yanille bank, glory to edge or duel ring.

What's the best one to use?
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    Ice Giant Melter

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Having a mounted glory in a room right next to your altar is the best imo. That's what I used from 85-99 prayer. Dueling rings may be faster (idk, I've never used them) but they would also cost more because the mounted glory has infinite charges.
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If by best you mean fastest, then dueling rings to bank and house teletabs to get there.


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Dueling rings are pretty cheap, 1k or so for 8 charges. Also, the teleportation spot is closer to a bank.
It's pretty cheap, and you wouldn't use that many in an hour.

You might want to keep in mind that:
-At edgeville - sometimes when you run into teh bank, your familiar gets stuck behind the door
-At castle wars - nobody really uses war tortoises, but there are a ton of graahks from nature runners (botters, whatever) that it can occasionally be annoying
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