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  1. Yes if you already have the nature runes. (and don't want to bother selling them for some reason) I don't think that the price you get from alching will be > GE price of (battlestaffs + nature runes)
  2. Isn't this method extremely expensive? No...as you can tell, water battlestaves cost 0.28 GP PER xp and air staffs are more expensive but still only 2.73 GP PER xp This is assuming that you're selling the battlestaves after you finish making them
  3. OP has 113 DG so I think it's safe to say he's probably not soloing his dungs (or at least not as a c1) As such, laws are more important seeing as he join a team for floors 1-29 Basically, Usa Hell Yes / Tui are giving you the best advice. I'm not much of a keyer - but I would assume that having cosmics not only requires a decent keyer but also a decent team that doesn't take a whole minutes to get out of ht.
  4. With only 380k exp past 75 slayer (when you actually start getting tasks w/ good effigy rates) and the inability to fight several good effigy droppers (abyssal demon, dark beast) you should not have expected more than 2. Based on my slayer log of 1.3mil slayer exp I've received 1 effigy every 92,367 exp (all logged past 85 slayer) which would mean you should have received a maximum of 4 effigies if skipping/banning all poor effigy monsters. What enaid said basically - abyssal demons aren't very good effigy droppers. I have about 38 effigies banked and I'm at 4 mil slayer exp. Considering I do sometimes use lamps/exp bonuses/skill books/do bork/etc, that means that I'm probably below 100k slayer exp per effigy. I'm only going to assume that you don't do much slayer (20 mil exp means you should be getting some large number of lamps) + the fact that you only started to use Kuradel, 2 effigies is not an unthinkable number. My main point is that what you claim is "knowledge" is hearsay. You don't play enough to notice the difference and anything you say either begins with "Jagex mod said ..." or "My clan members ..." Jagex databases say a lot of different things (void bonus/turmoil bonus/etc) and in truth, the numbers are much different. Also, how is it that your clan members always seem to do whatever you're in a topic on? Anyhow, that's besides the point. I don't understand why you claim things are one way or another and not even have actual proof to back it up. I don't know exactly how the ROW/rare drop table works but at least I'm not saying everybody is wrong and then measly up some random statement about how my luck is terrible when in fact it's perfectly normal :/
  5. No offense, but your stats have remained largely stagnant for forever :/ I'm not sure like 500k slayer exp in 10 years and getting only 2 effigies actually means you have extremely bad luck. OT, I'm also not completely convinced that all rare drop table items can be gotten w/o ROW. Albeit that this is from personal experience, I've been getting a lot of the same drops from the rare table (I never combat w/ ROW) The only proof that I've seen that the rare drop table is non exclusive is either hearsay (i.e my friend or my clanmate or that person over there claims ...) or comments from Jagex staff. Neither statements weigh much in my book though
  6. You will rarely need the SW Cape. With your current gear and since you cannot afford Bandos yet, Prayer will be about 11. However, I would honestly consider swapping Prossy Legs for V Skirt. The rest of your gear is good. Also, start Pietying every task. No, don't get a verac's skirt, it's a total waste of money considering he has turmoil + ss and you don't really need a defensive boost. I'd suggest buying the bandos tassets right now. Korasi is pretty good for most tasks but obviously not for multi combat. I'd try to get my hands on a claw but that's not of the utmost importance. You are using extreme atk/str yeah?
  7. This isn't much of a guide. If anything, it would go along the lines of: 1.) Find some retarded team to play against 2.) Run to enemy base/grab flag run back 3.) Put on melee pro pray at all times (even if there's nobody near you)
  8. Wutisrandommath You're assuming that a.) getting one piece is independent of getting another b.) each brother you kill adds a chance of you getting that item --> I.e. you kill 6 brothers, you can potentially get 6 items
  9. Can you even open all the urns in 81 and the urns + sarco/etc in 91 soloing by yourself?
  10. Key point being a few prayer points. Not a noticable difference. Having the supers for boosting right up after a brew is useful and saves time overall if going for a fast firecape, and if you're using melee, i assume you want this. But whatever, use the slightly better prayer restoration you don't need. I'm a fool. Wut? You are indeed a fool. An overload basically negates the need for any super restore. Unless you derp a lot on pray switching, in which case you should only bring like 1-2 super restore (after you brew like 3 times after Jad smacks you)
  11. Nice floor Mazz :o Yesterday, Also got 96 thieving from finishing my statue (with strange rocks) But was totally unexpected so I didn't manage to get a screen shot :(
  12. It has better stats etc I know, my point was the cannon obliterates the daggs neway so your kill rate doesn't really change enough to matter with weapon choice, unless you use something stupidly low levelled. So it becomes a question of is the degradation cost worth it for such minuscule benefit. Again for anybody that dgs often, the opportunity cost of 20k tokens is like 5-6 minutes? I'm sure the amount of time you save using the chaotic weaponry on all dagg tasks until your weapon breaks is more then 5-6 minutes.
  13. I value the herblore exp a lot (just for a maxing out stance) so I tend to use them on most slayer tasks. You never really use that much on slayer (maybe a few doses every task) and a majority of the time, you'll break even/make profit (including the costs of the overloads) Obviously, use them for any type of bossing and for monsters where there's lots of competition or people trying to crash you. Another good idea is to use it before a dungeon to speed up GD's/help open >99 str doors/get a little healing in 5 minutes.
  14. Well, you shouldn't really be doing either. You should be hunting for crimsons, then saving the crimsons and using the gold/greens. If you're hell bent on getting gold/greens - I guess either is pretty decent (although moss giants are much faster kills then fire giants)
  15. He's level 4? Maybe he wants to spend some time getting golds until he's at a reasonable level at which he can just collect/use crimsons
  16. Fruit bat + Fruit fall? Anyhow, turmoil is extremely good (plus you get SS for the staying power) I don't think that many special restores is needed, you're probably better off with prayer + renewal pots. Your stats are average, and sounds like you/your team if they're about the same levels would get pretty easily. I would recommend that you get overloads/prayer especially since they're pretty cheap at the moment. An overload would be extremely good since it saves a ton of space (extreme/super restores can all be replaced) SS/Turmoil flashing (and leveling up prayer) would help you a lot as well.
  17. .. And this works only for a corrupt vesta spear --> zammy spear switch? Basically, why does this switch work? Would it be possible for any other weapons? Vesta Long --> CLS or something of that nature?
  18. There wouldn't be a bias unless you stop recording information but still keep doing whatever it is you were doing. Since each trial is presumably independent from each other - it doesn't actually matter when you stop. (Assuming that drop rate is going to be the same for each person - meaning there aren't random people wearing ROW and random people not wearing ROW and all the data being grouped together as one.)
  19. ^how exactly do you do that? (Not that I would corp but the idea is interesting) You can spec then switch to a Zspear, and be hitting with the same stats?
  20. If you get any shark drops from the wfs, you could always spiritualize food You can unlock it via livid farm It heals it, and supposedly "boost" its stats Might be worth testing it, to see if the stat boost is actually noticeable.
  21. Lol. When you slay (with cannon), would expect to profit enough to use ovl on all your tasks?
  22. I don't think most DIY use the GE. At least when I see pics of their progress, they always update with a GE history
  23. ... You can easily answer questions like your first one (Exp for 95 - Exp for 90) / (180k xp/hr) * (60 min/hr) / 28 (min/pouch) = # pouch needed Not that it matters anyway, but you don't have to ask arithmetic questions on the board esp if all the numbers can be grabbed off tip.it
  24. Tbh I don't see the purpose to thiev monkeys now. Pp was 270k duo (260k solo) before the new sceptre. With the new sceptre u get 4 extra urns per game and 10 charges instead of 3. So the Xp rate is even more closer now to monkeys. You could always do PP to get the black ilbi to use at monkeys. Lol.
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