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It's Super Effective!

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there should be cake for this moment

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forget to repot at irons




rate /10

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Nice. 3/10 because I didn't get to loot your grave.


lol there were like 4 people there and none of them blessed.


Nice. 3/10 because I didn't get to loot your new born baby.



zaap has a baby cls@@@@@@



wat even

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Hi I'm LTK, LNH, Focus Punch, or whatever else you want to call me.


Making this blog because I'm bored. Deal with it.


Stats when blog was made:


2047 total with untrimmed fletching. u jelly?


Current stats:





Strength- 94/99

Doing whenever I slay.

HP- 97/99

Should happen as I max strength.

Range- 89/90

Cannoning tasks and chinning nech tasks should get me this soon.

Prayer- 74/95

This won't happen for a while...

Mage- 85/87

Will get eventually for Catherby tele.

Runecrafting- 70/75

I need giant pouch.

Agility- 78/87

Using BA horn and training whenever I'm bored. Need for effigies.

Theiving- 72/74

Hate this skill but need it for clockwork syringe. No idea when I'll train it.

Slayer- 91/99

Besides dungeoneering, it is the main skill I'm training right now.

Smithing- 76/88

Need for an achievement diary. Going to be a while before I get this.

Fishing- 88/92

Need dem effigies done.

Woodcutting- 91/95

Effigies. Don't want to waste exp on fletching to open them.

Farming- 77/80

Just a random goal to get while I keep doing herb runs.

Construction- 71/92

Hoping to get once I accumulate enough cash. It's my next planned buyable.

Summoning- 82/88

Uni will open up a lot of MHing possibilities.

Sweeping Dungeons- 86/120

Priorities of reward items are: Cmaul>Sneakerpeeper




Yes I copied this almost verbatim from my other blog.


[hide=Completed Goals]

Attack- 99/99


Runecrafting- 70/70

Darkmeyer reward and troll invasion got me from 67-70. 9/1/11

Herblore- 92/92

Makin dem ovls 9/11/11



unbinding green's kidneys for ltk's heart

do you farm guam like me sir ltk


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There is no Enaid vs Bobby sig in your blog :(.

Supporter of Zaros | Quest Cape owner since 22 may 2010 | No skills below 99 | Total level 2595 | Completionist Cape owner since 17th June 2013 | Suggestions

99 summoning (18th June 2011, previously untrimmed) | 99 farming (14th July 2011) | 99 prayer (8th September 2011) | 99 constitution (10th September 2011) | 99 dungeoneering (15th November 2011)

99 ranged (28th November 2011) | 99 attack, 99 defence, 99 strength (11th December 2011) | 99 slayer (18th December 2011) | 99 magic (22nd December 2011) | 99 construction (16th March 2012)

99 herblore (22nd March 2012) | 99 firemaking (26th March 2012) | 99 cooking (2nd July 2012) | 99 runecrafting (12th March 2012) | 99 crafting (26th August 2012) | 99 agility (19th November 2012)

99 woodcutting (22nd November 2012) | 99 fletching (31st December 2012) | 99 thieving (3rd January 2013) | 99 hunter (11th January 2013) | 99 mining (21st January 2013) | 99 fishing (21st January 2013)

99 smithing (21st January 2013) | 120 dungeoneering (17th June 2013) | 99 divination (24th November 2013)

Tormented demon drops: twenty effigies, nine pairs of claws, two dragon armour slices and one elite clue | Dagannoth king drops: two dragon hatchets, two elite clues, one archer ring and one warrior ring

Glacor drops: four pairs of ragefire boots, one pair of steadfast boots, six effigies, two hundred lots of Armadyl shards, three elite clues | Nex split: Torva boots | Kalphite King split: off-hand drygore mace

30/30 Shattered Heart statues completed | 16/16 Court Cases completed | 25/25 Choc Chimp Ices delivered | 500/500 Vyrewatch burned | 584/584 tasks completed | 4000/4000 chompies hunted

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its ok so am i, 2m cashpile

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