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6 years ago today.

agile sarah

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That was a fun summer in RuneScape. 2006 was my favorite year in RS.


I was in the Fight Caves at the time, while this account was my "pure." I ended up setting the record for the fire cape at 57 combat :D Good times. I met Fancy Fancy (the previous record-holder) and U A E X (the next record holder) that summer too. I still talk to Fancy regularly to this day :)


Anyone remember the "official" video of the 6/6/06 massacre?




edit: lol saw T H E Do0rs following durial around. Became friends with that guy later on too!


I remember this day. I was in the Dag Kings lair and you messaged me to go check out Falador, which I decided would be a fun option!


Hope all is well man!

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I love how it's become some sort of RuneScape horror story. You can imagine new players being gathered round a bonfire in Draynor being told of the 'horrors' that took place that day.

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I remember laughing at the people who were seriously complaining that he was banned. "omg Jagflax y u ban him 4 breaking da rulez?"

"He was only having some fun, you idiots take this game too seriously."



"An Amateur practices until he can get it right. A Professional practices until he can't get it wrong."


Quests just keep bringing me back to this game.

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