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  1. Maybe it's time? Condense the forums down and close all of them except for one place for old members to come back and check in once and awhile - or probably never again for most :(. I basically get the inkling to come say hi to this place once every 2-3 years. I think everyone else would agree the next time they come back they see one thread, and the memorial that is the Tip.it Forums from their younger years. Cheers, Troj
  2. I'll always remember TET. Was an honor to be on that team.
  3. I remember these back in the day. Just a changing of the times, really.
  4. Botting never left. Free trade did, but botting has never left Runescape since it started. Also: Everyone's membership price just increased.
  5. Of course they will bot. Bots were everywhere back in 06 and on.
  6. I remember this day. I was in the Dag Kings lair and you messaged me to go check out Falador, which I decided would be a fun option! Hope all is well man!
  7. Farewell guys! I had many great memories because of this events team! I still remember the Null 2.0 event. :)
  8. You know what sucks about these bots being gone? Dag Kings respawn a hell of a lot slower. I have to fight for worlds now.
  9. Any chance you could make another Dag Kings one? That would be awesome!!
  10. Free Trade was the RS that I grew to love, I came back and it was here again. It only makes sense that it stays. If Jagex went back to the stance they used to have, we would be in the exact same situation. I remember posting a video about yew bots in varrock.
  11. You, sir, are a crazy man!

  12. I believe my old pal is writing books and living with his brother now. Edit: Socc beat me to it!
  13. Amazing! Just like always, your work is astounding!
  14. G4 Tv's "The Mmo Report" covered Jagex and their quest to work on the new Transformers MMO. While Casey talked about details that we already know, he gave Jagex some nice words in the process. Go to The MMO Report! to check it out
  15. Ok, that is just awesome. Like you always do man. Still praying for the day you do one of the Dagg kings with some certain person maging them. ;)
  16. :(

    Miss you more than Val.

  17. No you're not chopped liver? :(

  18. Elven Lands > Karajama. But I will say that Jagex did well making them both look pretty to the eye.
  19. Ummm...Hot Chocolate?

  20. How about Red Bull. :P

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