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81-99 Herblore (Ovls or not)


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Hello everyone,


I need advice on what to make to get from level 81 to level 99 herblore. As a skiller, are extremes/overloads are out of the equation as I cannot sell or use them? Or is the amount of experience gained from overloads worth spending 200m+ despite how useless they will be to me?


Thanks in advance!

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Overloads are about 70% efficient relative to super restores at the moment at 5m gp/hour. They're only better because they save time in other skills and increase income, which doesn't apply here.

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Personally, I did overloads to achieve 99 Herblore, though I train combat a lot. I also enjoy bossing. Seeing as you are a skiller, I would recommend doing extreme magic potions til 99+ due to the fact, with the current botter situation, Mud runes are very cheap. Yes, in the end you will have a lot of potions which you will never use, but, each potion grants 250 exp (I think) and that would be a great median rather then making overloads, or something like Serums. I'm pretty sure you can't do the extreme magic potions until 90ish herblore, though, I did prayer pots until I could make extremes. I found it very cheap and somewhat decent speed. Costed me about 100M from 70-90 Herblore.



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I'd go with overloads just for the fact that if you ever decide you want to do combats sometime in the future, the option is there versus having a bunch of useless potions. I made the mistake of doing Recover Specials till 99 because it was cheaper, now I have 25k of them that will rot away in my bank, and ontop of it I had to make overloads to do slayer/bossing. Choice is yours but if I were you I'd keep my options open anyway, just to be safe and not lose an arm and a leg in costs in the future.


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Prayer renewal potions can be very very cheap (if not profitable) xp.

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Prayer renewal potions can be very very cheap (if not profitable) xp.

Isn't it hard to buy/sell them?


Not always. And they get a much much larger bonus from effects like the scroll of cleansing, due to the secondary ingredient costing a lot more.


OT: I would suggest doing overloads, assuming your signature is your character. You aren't a lv3 skiller who has no plans to EVER do combat, so you might want them. if you ever change your mind you will want overloads. if you don't mind this mind-change issue, then I suggest doing what is cheapest xp/gp that still provides a decent xp/hr


https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AldEhLOK6ejJdEt4SDZMY3F3SVY3UE9UWHRGU3VNQUE#gid=8 has some links to good updated spreadsheets that give xp/hr and gp/xp rates. I would suggest prayer renewals after 93 as those are pretty decent xp/hr and don't kill the bank.


Also make sure you get scroll of cleansing if you haven't already.

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