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  1. So basically, for the completionist cape I will have to kill each of those bosses once...? Ughhhh
  2. If you assume that someone has zero bonus xp, you could (maybe) determine how efficient it is to first obtain bonus xp in various activities and then perform the action, assuming no other method of earning bonus xp in that skill was used. But, this really isn't all that useful vs just using the standard model of assume zero bonus xp for all players as a base comparison.
  3. The problem with Revolution is that it just auto-fires abilities! (not very well, mind you). It doesn't actually solve the problem that most of the basics aren't even clever, they are just amped auto attacks. So just remove those, make auto attacks cycle through animations for them if you want, and add the few that need special timing and effects. Keep thresholds, and make ulimates feel, well... ultimate. Make auto attacks do more damage. Part of the problem with 100% ability spamming is lag, Runescape suffers a lot worse from lag than other MMOs I've played. Revolution suffers from a similar problem due to timing your own inputs, since you might end up triggering in the middle of when the ability fires so you miss a whole cycle (and it doesn't always seem to remember that you interrupted it!)
  4. I agree. It really should have been a fair bit slower so that we didn't have 100% ability spam.
  5. Anyone else notice: Maybe they finally fixed the Barbarian Assault defense role, so that the penance monsters won't run off after the wrong bait that is farther away..
  6. Alienware is flashy, but I don't find their build construction very satisfying, and also they do tend to overheat a bit.
  7. This is simple, given their standard designs for combat vs skilling Combat actually provides rarity Skilling does not You can't introduce an item via skilling in the normal method (ie: make it, and have it tradable) without reaching market saturation almost instantly. We don't have gathered materials that are difficult to obtain, so you can't slow it that way. This is a rather unfortunate design. They could change this by adding things like that skilling based boss, or other methods of making that actually take delay and rarity into the equation.. That is, items which you make for profit and don't provide any or very *very* negligible experience. (either in itself, or because it's too slow to make ot compete against "real" training methods)
  8. But it still counts as a shield for abilities, which.. isn't that useful, but Jagex. In addition, I think the other problem with hex is that abillities don't take into account the special effect for increasing damage to mage-heavy enemies, so only auto attacks get the actual boost which is the whole point of hex bow to begin with. Until abilities also take into account the hex bow's bonus there is really no point, unless they just make it stronger in general than the SSB.
  9. I think it's because of the length. If I understand it, this will take 32 weeks to finish the statue? That's a VERY long time for it to be impossible to have trimmed cape, vs the new skill which some people managed to reach 99 quite fast if they really "desired" to. The key difference is that you can train divination as much as you want, but you are limited at most from getting the statue completed one part per week. This is the key difference, even though it takes some time to train to a 99, it's not really the same as the statue, in my opinion.
  10. Sorry, my post sort of assumed we had already moved past the whole "requires 85 str due to quest to use, not just obtain" since that was pretty well covered. I was more referring to the general strategy of releasing mid level items from bosses those players can't fight. As long as they can trade for them, it helps create demand for an item, and allows higher level players the chance to sell it. It's not great, if the rate of drop is so rare that it's too expensive, and it can create barriers because to get the weapons you need you always have to already have better gear.. (if no one is willing to sell it)
  11. You can gain one black pearl per week for f2p, 2 for members.
  12. Gratz.. but you can just buy a 2nd cape... it's not *that* expensive.
  13. It's not *quite* 1/10, but it's close. The approximation of doing 1/20 and 1/20 = 2/20 = 1/10 is often a fatal mistake in probabilty math, but it's pretty close in this example.
  14. It actually is fine design, as long as the rate of earning those medium gear isn't so rare that it becomes expensive. It is a good way to create content for high lvls if the stuff you earn can feed the people below you. It just doesn't work well if you don't get new players.
  15. People don't like the spread of difficulty for obtaining dragon items. Look at long/dagger/scimitar vs the rare drop from difficult monsters...
  16. The reason that the mastery capes aren't storable in PoH is due to player storage limits. Since not many players will have the items, (even less than the 99 capes) they presumably decided that adding an extra storage bit for each new cape was a lot of data for each player. The player data has to be stored and transfered. If that data wasn't going to be used by many players (because most people who have one will only have one, and likely will keep it in bank anyways) what's the point of allowing it to store in PoH?
  17. A relationship for that person takes more than it gives. That can be fact without changing how much a relationship is good for someone else.
  18. However, you have to balance against the nature of MMOs that is constant improvement via level ups which plays on the psychology of the player...
  19. It's well known Ports rewards were nerfed with Ports V2 release. It's so well known that noone knows about it... Quit making stupid excuses. Random event awards were NOT changed with ports v2 update. Capping does help in providing a higher chance at rare rewards. Anything to the contrary is complete BS. If you want to feel bad about your sorry self then do so without giving out false information. As i've already explained in this thread, there are very few random event rewards that actually give you a tangible advantage and thus it's just stupid to keep using up crappy rewards. Unknown, i'm not swapping any of my previous captains until I get ones that i will keep. Consequently, I still have all 10k captains(have had 6 35k captains but all with 3 bad traits). Now also using captain rerolls, which i previously didn't want to do cause i have to give up my daily adventurer reroll. Someone who avoids the HLF thread because it's "too elitist" obviously would not have heard about what has effected every single person who started sailing in V2. I'm not alone with lacking lifeboats and the only people who have 4 are people who started sailing in V1. It's not "Wow, Champ Scrolls must have been nerfed" because it took me 27k kills to get it. That's just bad luck and is in my own personal, isolated case. 4 of my friends who also only started ports after V2 only have 0-1 lifeboats. People on the HLF thread who started sailing ports after V2 also have 0-1 lifeboats by Pincers/Loop.This is either one hell of a coincidence that every person sailing in V2 has few lifeboats upon reaching Pincer/Loop or the more likely event that lifeboats got nerfed since nobody in V2 has obtained them anywhere near the same length of time as V1 sailors. The highest # of lifeboats of a V2 sailor I know is 4% to Shield and has 3 lifeboats. 10% more Rewards, 10% MCS, Crew rerolls when prepping 3rd slot while obtaining crew from new region, Capt. rerolls when in the 10k/35k regions all have uses. Even if you have capped the rewards - if you do a minigame you'll simply get "more than you can hold". I've had 2 capt. rerolls and in my random event I won a crew reroll and.. 2 capt. rerolls that went to waste. Hoarding your items doesn't increase chances of a lifeboat and it's plain out stupid to refuse to use any advantage on the merit that "no advantage is better than a slight advantage". I'll gladly send a ship out at 84% over 78%. That could be the difference between failing the mission and an hour on the docks. The new system for random event rewards is that at least 1 has to be something new. IE: You will never get "nothing". So if you cap everything but life boats, and keep doing randoms, you will get 2 useless and 1 lifeboat. It's not that complicated. If your rewards are not capped you won't get lifeboats because they are incredibly rare.
  20. Curious if crystal flasks will just in some way require regular flasks as a component.. :P
  21. Gotta snipe a few people first, and get your name recognized.. then they will be out for revenge. Doesn't really work, I have sniped quite a bunch of people, never get sniped back. Might be because I am an odd-worlder. I sniped you once, but it was in the GE so it doesn't count :( lol You have to also go places where people can snipe you :) Also not being in a main tip.it world makes it more difficult.
  22. It doesn't give you the song :( You have to actually play, but no one is around to play.
  23. The official worlds for fist of guthix are dead, and I can't seem to find enough people to start a game. I am trying to find the song for completionist cape. Anyone willing to help or tips for how to get this song?
  24. I understand the limitations of true divergence on quest choices but.. It annoys me that the alternative is to "help" him but slightly less. I mean I feel like the whole narrative essentially didn't even change at the end... Half the lines were still identical. It's not that I expected zaros to not return, but players can't even choose to try to stop him. Instead we can... get him the simulacrum of light, and... injure him? It just didn't feel well presented. And if there are true technical problems with players getting their own divergent choices, then developers shouldn't advertise that we will. I like Saradomin_Mage's suggestion, of some alternating changes, even if it's not major plotline, for future quests.
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