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  1. I know, some people may like it, but nobody is there if you go there. Therefore thats what makes it dead content :(
  2. I'd say Option 3. With Flasks ofcourse. Also, a Vecna's Skull would help alot. I use that method for when I do Jad for slayer tasks, It usually takes 1 hour. ~Proud owner of 5 firecapes
  3. In order from Oldest to Newest. Dominion Towerr Minigame One Piercing Note Quest Scam of Fortune Stuff Polypore Dungeon Slayer Monsters New Loyalty Rewards Flash Power Factory (Dead Content) The Firemaker's Curse Quest Troll Warzone Potion Flasks (6-dose vials) The Elder Kiln Quest The FIght Kiln (New FIght Caves) Scam of Fortune Backriminel Bolts (New Range Bolts) Morytania Task Set April Fool's Jokes Squeal of Scam Stuff Dungeoneering Improvements Fremennik Sagas 2 Quest Runespan (New method of Runecrafting) Bonfires (New method of Firemaking) Scam of Fortune Stuff Song From the Depths Quest Scam of Fortune Stuff Queen Black Dragon Boss Scam of Fortune Stuff Fish Flingers Revamp The Crucible (Dead Pking Place) EoC (JaGeX [bleep]ing up the game) Carnillean Rising Quest Social Slayer (Slaying with a partner) 10 Year Veteran Cape Solomon's Shit Grand Opening 200M Accounts (75M Players, 125M Bots) Gelinor Games Holiday Event Scam of Fortune Stuff Solomon's Shit Scam of Fortune Stuff Some Like it Cold Quest Clan Avatars (Exp Boosters) Scam of Fortune Stuff Solomon's Shit Solomon's Shit Solomon's Shit (Buy Bankspace with IRL Cash) Big Chinchompa (Dead Content) I Hope I helped. :)
  4. Not quite. Vine whip is part of the level 75 tier (While chaotics are 80), and the rapier is now exclusively a stab weapon. As Hedgehog said, chaotics are still the best weapons for their classes/styles. Pretty sure it's still worth getting. oh yeah cls is slash keep getting the 2 muddled and was thinking off slayer req on vine whip doh! Sorry, could you please repost that in english? =T
  5. Also, you would need Pyre Logs, maple or better. Then you'd have to burn them of course in the columbarium.
  6. After a couple months of barely playing RuneScape, I'm now back. Better than ever and more efficient :) I will also be active on my Tip It account, so I look forward to answer more questions by any of you other users. So, yeah, I guess thats it. Welcome back me! =D
  7. Scam of Fortune and Solomon's Shit, there you go, filled you in on 2 entire months of updates.
  8. I would say BCP and Tassy for the crashers. Also, A slayer helmet. P.S. Nice SIgnature, D-bag <3 ;D
  9. Queen Black Dragon is a simply AMAZING exp method, expecially for range. Though, in simple terms. If you can't kill TzTok-Jad, you can't kill the Queen Black Dragon.
  10. I think SwiftKit ha a nice kind of program for that.
  11. Dungeoneering gets very fast at about 85. Though, thats not where you are trying to get. Also, I hope this helps. Keep in mind about 25% of the newly release content are the stupid american investors forcing their micro transactions upon Jagex http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Update:Game_updates
  12. Personally, I did overloads to achieve 99 Herblore, though I train combat a lot. I also enjoy bossing. Seeing as you are a skiller, I would recommend doing extreme magic potions til 99+ due to the fact, with the current botter situation, Mud runes are very cheap. Yes, in the end you will have a lot of potions which you will never use, but, each potion grants 250 exp (I think) and that would be a great median rather then making overloads, or something like Serums. I'm pretty sure you can't do the extreme magic potions until 90ish herblore, though, I did prayer pots until I could make extremes. I found it very cheap and somewhat decent speed. Costed me about 100M from 70-90 Herblore.
  13. You will have plenty of time to do all 5 patches, though, just incase, I do reccomend starting at the Trollheim patch due to the fact that it is the longest patch to get to.
  14. Have you tries using the game client?
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