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Alch profits

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Hey guys, I was wondering if High Alching stuff is still profitable? if so which item?


Couldn't seem to find anything on google :(


Kind regards!

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I assume that it assumes medium prices.

Here's tip it's interactive one:



Should probably consider different methods of training magic assuming you intend to train all of your skills at some point, look into things like superheating, plank/amulet making, bursting rock lobsters or fighting glacors (once you can boost to 95 magic). Other people who frequent help and advice would be able to give you more specific information as to why high alching is a bad idea and the alternatives though.


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Well, lets state it this way, I'm looking for a way to get proper magic EXP and don't lose too much money .. so superheating? what about stun alching?

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if you are planning to max(even possibly in the future) you would "lose" more money(read: time) to just focus on Mage xp unless you are very close to your goal(time=money) for example(made up numbers for simplicity) you needed 500k exp and bursting rock lobs was 250k xp/hr and costs 700k/ hr (made up number) so you lost 1.4m but alching was 60k xp/hr and broke even it would take ~9 hrs(again made up numbers) 700k-1m/hr is very doable so you would net lose a lot more potential gp by alching and not get the summon/hp exp from bursting rock lobs(good crimson charm rate)


(posting from my phone or I could easily pull up the exact numbers and for any confusion)

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Basically what Country Devil said, you will take a lot longer to reach your goal if you take a method that is too cheap.


Magic is a really versatile skill, so mostly your training method should be based on what secondary benefits you want.


For example:

Superheating gold with gauntlets for magic and smithing xp.

Bursting or barraging rock lobsters for magic and summoning xp.

Hunting ganodermic creatures with Storm of Armadyl for magic xp and a little money.

Stringing amulets for magic xp and low attention scaping.

Baking pies for magic and cooking xp.


Not all of these are so easy to get started on, but that's how you got to look at this question :).

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