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  1. hunter would be red sally's, thieving is black jacking, agility would be monkey course.. use pies to boost your level to fail less, and at 75 or 77 idr which you stop failing it completely
  2. invest into the kingdom management at the Fremmy isles, farm herbs, and if you can get the pennance aura ASAP, it'll let you camp bosses a lot longer. work on getting soulsplit if you can, and that will let you solo zammy/sara/bandos gwd and make more money
  3. I suck at dung(mainly tears/lamps/pengs/jot to level mine plus some solo here and there) if you need someone that's just beyond a beginner I'd be glad to help tui
  4. I believe bots were broken and haven't made a mass return yet
  5. I killed glacors for a while, 17 shards and no boots. qbd should be better money/hr with steady average price drops/loot while glacors are much less in average loot price per hour but boot drops being a higher price rare drop
  6. it would make sense that Guthix himself or a group he empowered imprisoned nex(not sure on the lore specifically) due to the fact that the gods feared her, and that iirc the lore stated she alone could wipe out whole armies single handedly
  7. the two Druids should be walking around taverley now I believe
  8. you can always use the ability that hits 2(?) other monsters two or three times on jad once the healers spawn to get them aggro on you
  9. I personally maged(92mage) the entire caves.. and on the second 360(old cb lvl don't remember the name/guy that melee/mages) I didn't click Mage pray and with my armor those guys never hit more than a few hundred tops per attack and rarely over 50 iirc. either way prayer shouldn't be required besides the occasional soulsplit and on jad
  10. I used obsidian legs/Mage helm/boots/gloves with virtus top sol arcane stream and the 6th age circuit and maged the whole caves with ice blitz/abilities and when jad spawned the healers used the chain attack ability to get the healers on me.. then dropped jad with abilities. took less than two p pots for the whole cave
  11. within the same type you need lower to get the higher. I would suggest pennance(boss hunting) greenfingers(herb runs)
  12. I personally would like to see the game shift to where there are at least two items per slot per tier within a given style.. one made through skills and one from bosses/semi-bosses(like glacors). the skill based being slightly worse than the boss drop.. but the boss drop items aren't tradable.. so there would be a "common man's" set and a "pvmer" set.. that way the more elite players get better items but the rest of us that are working toward those goals have something to use also
  13. just use full torva/dual rune scimitars.. lol
  14. if you are wiling to train your Mage up gano/glaciers/zammy gwd are all Mage bosses and profit nicely
  15. subjugation robe top also has a damage boost iirc
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