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GreenXen's Blog - 0x11E1A3000 Exp to 5B Total!

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Current Display Name: Wil Wheton



Hello everyone, GreenXen here. It is the beginning of November,

it is cloudy as balls, birds are no longer chirping, and it is time to start a blog.

This blog will include my Runescape highlights from now going

forward so I can see where I end up over time.

I hate long and drawn out walls of text so below is the stuff you

came for. I will try and post frequent updates on here or in video form.




Just to have a starting basis, I have decided to include starting stats

and a starting bank/money value for this blog.


My stats as of 11/3/2012:





My starting bank is only about a 2.5m bank after spending 90% of it during

bonus experience weekend. Just for records, here is a screenshot of the only tab with value:





So basically, my main goal is to achieve a max cape. I plan on doing all

"buyables" last. I am working on a spreadsheet which tells me my estimated

hours count until 99 all. Before I can really start working on maxing out, I first need

to obtain a few more levels for making the money needed (Over 500m).


Long Term Goal: Max Cape


Short Term Goals:


All skills 80+


Currently working on:











Most Recent Achievement:



[spoiler=Entry 1 - 11/6/2012]Today is the day I create my blog. I feel like I can accomplish my goals easier when I have something to track my progress. The first week or two of this month will be dedicated to making money via barrows. To rebound from bonus experience weekend, I am going to do another 100 chests. With a new brother to add and one to ditch, I believe I should be able to do all 100 chests in about 8 hours and 20 minutes of game play at the rate of 12 chests per hour. This time I am going to use google docs to log each chest instead of each trip. This will help give me a better look at how much I make per chest as well as allow me to optimize the way I do barrows.


The last two or so weeks of November will just be skilling weeks. I want to push the 80 base and I only have 7 stats left to get up. Farming and Agility will be last. Honestly, I am thinking about saving farming until I can just afford to do magic trees from 74 to 90 and doing it with a 90 base set.


[spoiler=Entry 2 - 11/7/2012]

Today I mainly spent most of it doing real life stuff. My cousin is getting married this weekend and I was asked to run the sound system for that because of my past soundboard operations. After I got back

from moving around plenty of furniture, I went and did some penguins and got 75 thieving. I then did about 20 barrows chests.


I think I have about 470 chests I want to do for barrows until I will feel financially stable enough to actually get some levels in for my sub-80 stats. Construction, Farming, and Crafting are going to drain me back to zilch.



I am working on a video series called "Building back up". It is basically for people

who were hacked or cleaned from gambling and just need tips on going from a small

bank back to 100+ million GP without depending on overloads, turmoil, or a maxed account.


Here is the introduction episode and you can view the rest from there.


Feel free to add me to skype, the username is GreenXen. I don't have a sleep schedule so you will see me on Runescape or Skype at anytime during the day. I am also usually in "Serpent Eye" friend chat.



Poem of the day:

There once was a player named Dragonkng198.

He was a noob.


Cool People Blogs:


(Will add you if I missed you later CBF at 3AM)


[software Engineer] -

[Ability Bar Suggestion] - [Gaming Enthusiast]

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