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Tip.It Times - 19th May 2013


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Time for a new release of the: >>>Tip.It Times!<<<






Remember, YOU can write an article for the Tip.It Times! You can apply to write full time, or just submit a "one-off" guest article any time you want! Our editors will work with you to ensure that your article is ready for publication. All guest articles can be submitted to @tripsis or any other Editorial Panel member. For more information, including details on how to apply full time, read this forum thread: http://forum.tip.it/topic/209138-how-to-write-for-the-tipit-times/


I'd like to remind people of the rules pertaining to Times threads:


[hide=Read these rules before posting in this thread]

Rampant flame wars have taken control of virtually every week's times discussion topics. The following guidelines must be followed when posting on this topic. Posts that ignore these guidelines will be removed.


1. You are invited and welcome to express like or dislike on articles and a particular author's writing style. It is not acceptable, however, to flame or personally insult an author. Posts that aren't anything but an attack will be removed from the topic.


2. Spelling and grammar errors can be reported to tripsis by PMing her and they will be fixed promptly. It is not necessary to post them on the discussion topic.


3. Off topic posts that do not discuss the content of that week's articles will be removed. This is not the place to discuss the direction of the times, how much you love or hate the times, etc. Off topic posts will be removed.


By keeping within these guidelines, Times discussion topics will mean more for the Panel and Administration than just a place for flame wars. Flame wars do not provide any useful feedback to the Times, which is mainly what we're aiming for with these topics: feedback.


This policy is effective as of now, November 17, 2010. Any posts prior to the creation of this policy may or may not be removed according to the new guidelines.



When replying please make sure to clarify the article you are replying to! Thanks!


If you spot any typos or mistakes in an article then please PM them to @tripsis. :)


Enjoy the articles!

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I also think that, as far as I'm concerned, EoC is still in beta.

And the people who dislike it would be those who would rather not bother beta-testing and/or playing it until it was 100% ready, while the people who don't mind it/like it would be those who don't mind beta-testing the EoC while it's still not finalized.


I know that I would definitely had been playing on the official EoC beta if it was logged into the official worlds and if the stuff I did remained once the beta was over; this basically is the same thing rigth now.


Or, at least, I hope we can all agree that if the EoC was truly a finished product, it wouldn't be seeing changes to its core every few months.

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@Arceus, "So I heard you liek eventz":


Fascinating ideas. I'm fairly sure that many in the clans I was a part of would especially like this idea of an event notification system. This wouldn't replace reminders clans use on their own forums/sites outside the RSOF, but it would simplify the process of getting clan members together (someone ALWAYS asks questions before an event starts). I agree it would GREATLY help with time zone differences. Personally, I think this would be integrated more to Citadels than the message screen, but... it's a great idea and I do hope it will come in a future update.

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Although the 2nd article title was a very bad (and I mean very bad) pun, it still made good points. The first ariticle was something nice to see and that it showed the postivies of the eoc. I do agree that we still in a beta verison of the eoc, but that is both jagex's fault (Jagex said they released to early) and our own. After all, how many of us played it when it was in beta? I know that I didn't, and I doubt most of us did as well.


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Great reads, love to hear some well constructed argument about the EoC. Adapt or Die, indeed.


Really glad to see the Times remains so strong after all these years. Not just strong, but as insightful as ever. Well done, tripsis, storm, and team!

All I learned in life, I learned on Tip.it

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Seeing as how the citadel notification thing is largely underutilized (in no small part due to how inconvenient it is to actually use), I'd rather have a centralized event system that can be merged with the overall interface upgrade, and then have that be able to send to your friends and clanmates in addition to the systemwide notifications. This would be in a tiny window that pops up on the side (separate from the games chat so you don't have to keep fiddling with that) and it'd have its own set of toggles so you can filter the types of things you don't care for, or turn it off during concentrated matters. As a bonus, player run events can have an "opt in" switch that lets the person holding the event know who's interested.


It would also allow for certain unannounced ingame world events to make themselves known at that very moment.


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Some very nice ideas from both articles.


I think change is good for all parties involved. It is necessary to further the development of the game, attract new interests while renewing the old ones. The EoC was a great opportunity for Jagex to rejuvenate the relatively old game. An event like this will send ripples to all corners of the game; time is needed for us to see the wisdom (if any) behind it and the true ramifications of such change. Therefore it is essential for one to give it sufficient time (few years imo) to evolve and make attempts to appreciate and embrace the effects in the process before rejecting and throwing everything into the abyss.


I also agree that the clan forums are very underused. It would be nice to see a re-work on it soon.

'Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.' T.S. Eliot

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