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  1. You could argue some of these points with real life organisations. We have corrupt politicians, police officers, CEOs of major and minor corporations. Should we cast out these organisations because some of their staff are corrupt? Hell no. We still need governments and law enforcers. Without businesses, economies flounder and fail. If the P Mod position wasn't needed, we wouldn't have them. Just because you say it's redundant doesn't make it so. The Human race has been to space and landed on the moon. Some people refuse to believe it, claiming it's a conspiracy, that it was faked. People are entitled to their opinions but that doesn't make them fact and ramming "The P Mod position is redundant" down our throats doesn't make it any truer than saying pigs can fly. It stinks of a "holier-than-thou" attitude and doesn't help the situation. You're essentially saying "I appreciate the effort (not) but your position is worthless so gtfo". Personally, I think it's commendable that someone in a P Mod position has taken the time to ask us how they, and other P Mods, can better serve us and needs.
  2. This past week, in my opinion, has been a great example of why the player moderation team should be expanded. Some of you may not have heard, but here in the UK a soldier was attacked and killed by two men claiming that they did it in the name of Allah. The amount of hatred and racism, both in game and off, that has occurred since then has been absolutely disgusting. People jumping on the bandwagon spouting fascist remarks with "facts" and "statistics" pulled out of thin air because 2 mentals killed someone. I completely understand the anger directed at these men but at an entire culture? They do not speak for their religion nor their fellow countrymen, the same way that the IRA do not speak for their religion or fellow countrymen. World 23's GE the other night was a prime example of a situation that desperately needed a mod or two to come in, calm down the situation and mute those who continued to be racist. I have no problem with religious debates but when people have already made up their minds over a religion they don't understand and aren't willing to listen to counter-points or be respectful, then mutes need to be handed out.
  3. So.... when are we gonna get the correct articles for this week?
  4. Slayer! Always slayer! Each monster has a new weakness now, and weapons only have one style of attack, ie crush or stab, but the slayer masters should hint at what to use against them. If you haven't already, I recommend doing the Combat Academy.
  5. It takes a minimum of 30 weeks to complete the statue in your home.
  6. I'm gonna call my first ship Battleship Galactica. Oh yeah.
  7. Meanwhile, in England IT'S FREEZING. Excited for this, need work to hurry up and finish. I'm like a rabid dog, foaming at the mouth. Lemme at it!
  8. I did it with full gano, polypore staff, fury, sara godsword, overload flasks, prayer flasks, rock tails and ice barraged Hok. I use the Sara godsword on the initial Xil and prayered deflect melee and turmoil/torment for the pair.
  9. It's how I did it, and I didn't notice he had 72, totally misread it. Wasn't as bad as that when I did it either hahaha.
  10. Get to 68 smithing and from there on make Mith plate bodies. It can be quite costly but it's very fast. You could easily do a level a day no problem to 90. At 88 if you can afford it, you can make adamant plate bodies which are super fast. It might be worth noting that at 91 smithing, you'd have the levels for every task that requires smithing so it might be worth going to 91 depending on whether you intend to go for Task Master at a later date.
  11. Then the best thing you can do is tweet them and/or submit a bug report.
  12. That's a tiny screenshot, can't really make it out that well.
  13. Cheers man! The last few days I've been Temple Trekking in a bid to tick off a hard and an elite task from the Morytania set. Managed to max the hard companions and get the two medium companions to 79/82. Should hopefully max those two tonight and continue on with the easy companions who are both about 25/27. As it stands they currently have a combined level of 407/594. This has also meant I've been able to stockpile vyre corpses so I can upgrade my ivandis flail for another hard Morytania task. Just need another 19 corpses and I'll be good to go for that task. I've been putting all the commendations on XP tomes which has meant I've gained an agility level, a slayer level and a firemaking level. I've put my combat academy beta XP lamp on slayer, putting me very close to the next level. My total level is now 2034.
  14. Right click the XP button, you can toggle the new screen off. Edit - Oh yeah, I keep seeing people confused by the whole combat/skill level deal. So for those unaware, if your weapon is sheathed (on your back), then your skill level will be visible to other players. If it is unsheathed, ready for slaying, then your combat level will be visible. If you don't know how to toggle this effect out of combat, simply right click the minimise button on the action bar and you can toggle it there. Hope that clears up any confusion.
  15. Den Saakaldte - Drikke Ens Skal into Fu Manchu - The Action Is Go
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