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Tip.It Times - 9th February 2014 - Magic Notepaper & Weddings

Tip.It Times

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I never knew Magic Notepaper was tradeable, not sure how I feel about that. Since I power train all skills the only circumstance I can imagine using the notepaper is slayer for something like Dbones which would have been left on the ground, but they are worth more than a notepaper so it is worth using it for them.

I could also use them for an easy boss like GWD where I could stay a long time, but even then I have a pack yak to help bank items.

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I'm entirely baffled why it isn't a divination/inventing item and find it hilarious that they kept it untradeable to make the price somewhat stable because there'd be enough ingame (my thoughts).


I first speculated the price to rise to 6-10k but it seems the supply made it top at 2-2,5k ea. I'd imagine frost bones going down but they're stable (or rising) as always. Definetly interested how it will evolve the following months.

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Here's a really old one: http://ladymedusamoldfield.50megs.com

Personally, I've always thought in-game weddings were silly unless the "couple" were already in a relationship in real life.
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Might even be silly then.. our clan mates haven't convinced us yet to do one..



Cool pictures, I do somehow think these things had some originality back then.

Looking at the graphics, this is from before I discovered the path to Gielinor, which by now has been so long ago i don't even know how long.. I do know I do not only have a wife I met on here over 8 years ago, but also still some friends from the early , early days, which is absolutely great.

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