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  2. I know tier-wise this is astonishing compared to mithril dragons but seriously a boot upgrade from ADAMANT and RUNITE dragons!? lame xD
  3. I am not getting that strength level to 99 again back from 92!!! Mad skills xD
  4. Excellent I can totally see player-run brawls being a thang and some guy running off with the money ruining his rep forever XD Oh and obligatory: Omg this guy crashed me at GWD, griefer Omg this guy mine runite faster then me, griefer Omg this guy buys stuff from SOF, griefer This is like the perfect mixture inbetween survival and combat. I might start up OSRS after all. "Believe it or not, many players have already had such an experience despite this mode not being released. It's called (although the term is a slight misnomer) being hacked." No, not really. This is mutual, being hacked is not. Also raiding banks FTW! That is quite a hefty drawback on the skills though, I hope they look into that. I made a level 3 account to mine Runite in the Wilderness. Whilst I enjoyed that PvP sandbox... As of late the vertical progression of the levels irk me. Deadman solves that, It's not neccesarily focusing on PvP. It's overhauling Runescape to fit a survivalist genre. It does favour max levels. Imagine if you squad up and you have me, two other PKers and you as level 3 skiller. We all attack some maxed guy, so do you (like one hit and run) or you lure him even better and because we squadded together the experience lost from that guy is shared.
  5. I think you should check the wording. I think as far as profit they might meant appeal. The bosses appeal as far as worth-while doing may have suffered due to low spawn rates. Many players really like the chaos elemental pet, but the spawn rate is so atrocious that the appeal, despite what players are after, has suffered. but chaos elemental has the fastest natural spawnrate of any boss, equivalent to fastest spawn in an instance... Doesn't change the fact you still whop.
  6. That was only updated recently. I guess he didn't get the memo. i've been making bank at Chaos Ele, sometimes I just want to hunt him for PvP weaps. -The Chaos Elemental's drop-rate of Wilderness lootThis guy is the WILDERNESS BOSS! You have him in the Wilderness to lure lambs in for the slaughter of P.K'ers. In just under 1,000 kills that I recently did for his pet, I got... -Dragon 2h swords: 8-Statius's equipment: 0-Vesta's equipment: 0-Morrigan's equipment: 0-Zuriel's equipment: 0-Corrupted ancient equipment: 0-Corrupted Dragon equipment: 0-Brawling gloves: 1 (cooking) No wonder this guy was dead content before Soul Reaper and boss pets came out! He's got NOTHING going for him! You very much need to increase the rate at which he drops these items I can confirm for me and another player also 1k+ droplog each. Only 2H drops. Please update droplog and give him another unique PvP weapon. Tortoise Shells ^ That's why
  7. Usually takes me 2-3 hours Have better things to do
  8. http://[Use Quick Find Code]/a=13/c=4wHf3ZzZlaQ/[Please Use QuickFind Code]?373,374,634,65635794,1,335938982,#1 Quick find code: 373-374-634-65635794 Revenants Nightshade Chaos Elemental Warpriest
  9. I hope runite dragons drop a piece of jewelry that make runite t9 armour
  10. Zamorak will smite you all. May your bloodlust be never sated. GIVE ME POWER OR GIVE ME DEATH!!! You get a cookie
  11. Seeing as they are ghosts themselves. The brothers. It's not unheard of, some GWD monsters only drop bones or ash right? Yet also Warpriest :)
  12. Yes. If I get around to fixing my client i'll be trying to acquire it from Revenants. Confirmed Shades of Mort'on in Item discussion. Further confirms:Banshees (confirmed, unofficial wiki)Ghasts (confirmed, unofficial wiki)Shades / minigames mort'on? (confirmed, thanks to Trends)Aberrant spectres (confirmed)Ghosts (confirmed)Ghostly mages (confirmed thanks to Dr. Mrs. The Monarch)Ghostly warriors (confirmed)Tortured souls (confirmed)tormented wraiths (confirmed, unofficial wiki)Revenants (confirmed, unofficial wiki -> will still doublecheck xD) It's also a drop from barrows brothers. Back to barrows for me :-)... It's not a drop from Ankous.
  13. Okay. So far the list is Ankous (unsure) banshees (unsure) ghasts (unsure) shades / minigames mort'on? (unsure) Aberrant spectres (confirmed) Ghosts (confirmed) Ghostly mages (confirmed) Ghostly warriors (confirmed) Tortured souls (confirmed) tormented wraiths (uncomfirmed) Revenants (uncomfirmed) It does not work on Edimmu. Anything missing?
  14. Whoa I wonder what they'll drop. If it ever drops looking at that dragon helmet O.o
  15. They are most certainly more important - they are the ones who play the most, have played the longest, and are the life and blood of RS. They aren't the end all and be all, and lower levels deserve some consideration, but not equal consideration. And no, I don't mean to say that if I made an account I'd zoom past through all the levels (of course I would). I was stating that levels, as a matter of fact, are much easier than they were in the past. This is simply reality. Even completely new people who never played before zoom past the lower levels faster than someone like me did because the game has gotten significantly easier. Even playing casually at suboptimal rates, they'll be decently high leveled in no time. They may not be 120 like me, but they'll easily get to 80 something. That's because slayer experience rates (since that's the example you gave) are much faster than than years ago (when I was a low level) when they were like 30-40k/hour. Since the game is much easier and faster, people don't stay low leveled for as long as they used to in the past - that was my point. Therefore it's better to make content that's going to be long-term, since most people are not going to be low leveled for very long. 85 mining on level 3 account Two summers Nubs these days
  16. I found some FPS guide way back with so many cvars/cmds to implent or change game. Now all I find is upgrade Java, change hunkmegs to 1024 Anyone can help me? Game constantly stutters on lowest settings. I run CSGO on 125 fps
  17. Hahahahahaha hyahahahahhahahaha hahahaahhhhaa kgggggg FLOWERPOKER BAD HOT/COLD BAD DICING BAD RAT PITS GTFO GAMBLING BAD Hey! Buy some gems from us so you can gamble!
  18. Rather boring except last part, I like that. But all dat warpriest tho. This means I have 5 hybrid pk sets + ghost hunter Zamorak working together, hmm what's he up to now :3
  19. I think i've done 25k ish clues without 3a so far.
  20. Is this new armour from the upcoming Tuska event? w00tw00t more retrievable armour for PKing
  21. Is there a list out yet? abby specs drop them
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