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  1. I still believe random events should come back but instead of an obsolete colour pattern it should be randomized rendering/colouring so bots can't pick up on it seeing as it's diffirent each and every time.
  2. 1. i've played free games where they've created their own anticheat services; cheaters are no more. Removing free trade is too invasive. 2. An addict needs his fix. (3. Please start playing again and churn out awesome PK videos again)
  3. Considering the last boss was designed around 99 stats and drops level 80 gear... :razz: That's all part of Mod Mmg's plan. A few days before Nex set effects are released he will sell his massive stockpiles of Torva, Pernix and Virtus, but unbeknownst to players he has a hidden ace up his sleeve. Soon after the masses rid themselves of their hoarded armor he will begin buying them up again. Slow and steady he will buy up the unwanted sets careful not to arouse suspicion, and then he will spring his trap, nothing less than a front page article declaring a full re-balance of godwars gear including the lower tier's rise to level 80 all the way up to Nex armor taking it's rightful place at level 99. Mod Mmg's revenge will be complete. Please don't make me paranoid.
  4. I guy called Respect Bots got all 99's yesterday: how much farther can it go... Not really affected that much by bots though, I either set them up and get them killed or i' pissed that it's a lvl 4 miner haha. It'd be nice to see raw materials go up.
  5. Hope i'll be able to hunt it! Knowing my luck i'll probably kill it a thousand times without ever getting a drop though. -Teh Fork.
  6. If only cheating never gotten further then SCAR scripts. Oh well. I agree on the punkbuster notion; although a diffirent security service should be found. In my years playing ET and organized competitions cheaters have found easy ways around pnkbstr.
  7. I don't understand either; everything is bland now. Before we had such diversity in armour stats and now all we have is tiers. (not to say we're nearing the cap with high leveled weapons & armour) RIP PvP. I thought it was dead after the ditch, free trade ban/GE. Now, it really is. I wonder what the future will bring. Oh well, it's not like I have been affected much by updates through the years; still enjoying the game at my own pace. I hope I can get my hands on the weapons though; DG is a pain. -Teh Fork.
  8. Sell my uncharged glories for charged ones. How lazy are you? 8-)
  9. sure you don't know the name..... well for more info,yes 90% of the macroers is defeated (yay) the other 10% are those macroer with the 'unknown program' (its sbot3) jagex didn't ban those poeple yet,cause they couldn't find the source code, that why the mass ban was began in the first place,they found aryan's (the [bleep]ing 90% 'ers) source code ..yes i do know allot of things.. don't you love the internet?
  10. what about ores and essence's? macroers mined around 50k per day,can you speculate the price rate of that soon?(altough i think it will go up slowly) and ffs make a website for this!!
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