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  1. *I'm gonna repost this from the thread I started out of stupidity in hopes that I can get a quick answer here.* Hey guys, I have a small problem that I think some of you may be able to help out with. Over at this other forum that I browse, I plan on posting a thread about Runescape, and trying to recruit members for a clan. The problem is that my credit card expired two days ago and my membership was cancelled until I get the new card in another couple of days. This means that I have no way of obtaining any really good screenshots to show off the member side of the game in this thread. This is where you guys come in. I need some exciting looking pictures to use for this. Maybe of someone fighting the KBD or Jad, or possibly a few showing off some of the more unique locations of the game. What I need are pictures that should make WoW players go "Hmm... that looks interesting!" So, to anyone who doesn't mind me reposting your shots, Please help a guy out. I'll take practically anything, as long as its a decent shot. Anything that shows some of the more interesting monsters, conversations between you and NPCs, POHs, weapons, armors, locations, or whatever. Please and thanks. :)
  2. why didnt you guys vote to get team wildy capes? or is that only p2p? i cant remember...
  3. Gah! I cant get on the world. And I so wanted to participate to :cry:
  4. Personally, I think that the GE is both good and bad. Its good because it makes buying and selling easier, as it incorporates offers from all the servers and eliminates the need for standing around shouting the same things over and over.(SELLING SARA PAGE 70K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) Its bad however for the fact that one someone writes a bot script for it, macroers will be able to much more easily sell their macroed stuff. im assuming that jagex is watching all the trades that take place now to double check for this type of stuff, and soon we shall see a rash of "OMG JAGEX BANNED ME FOR USING THE GE!" rants. So yeah, Im calling both friend and foe for this one.
  5. Not only should they keep it, but I feel they should make it BIGGER! Yes, thats right, I feel that tutorial island does not teach the new players enough about the game to be successful on their own. Keep in mind, I havent done it since I made my account two years ago, but I dont think its changed since, so heres what I think should change: 1.) They should keep you there until your total level reaches a certain amount. This amount should be made by getting two or three levels in at least 3 or 4 f2p skills, each of which has a cap while on the island of something like level 5 or so. 2.) The island should make you do some sort of basic quest. Something as simple as cooks assistant. Ill admit, it was the first quest I did after leaving the island, and it never occured to me until I found Tip.It that I had to mill the wheat to get flour. If there was a quest that showed me that you can use items with things and process goods, I wouldve been more prepared. and 3.) You should have the option of returning tothe island to go through a refresher course if you forget anything. Once i got off the island, it was about two months before I began mining, smithing and smelting, and I had forgotten all of it. I also approve of the idea of a tutorial level for new members as well. I played for about a year before becoming a member and when I switched, it was all new and unfamiliar to me. If there was some kind of guide to the member world to tour me through the world, show me what quests I could start right off the bat, and tell me about the new skills I had, I wouldve become a much more proficient member much faster. EDIT: Also, this thread reminds me off this comic: Linky
  6. Hmm... well, I would support this idea, however I always looked at the Debate Club as the Rants forum, but with the stupidity and one liners peeled away. Just as you would have to peel an Oanges tart rind away to get to the juicy sweet pulp below, so to do you have to peel away the Rants forum to get to the sweet sweet Debates. Yes, I am hungry right now, thanks for asking :razz: Seriously, though, when this sub-forum was being created, I was one of the ones who made a big push to keep it here. Originally, it was supposed to be its own forum if I recall correctly, but for reasons being restated now, it was instead made a subforum to keep it out of public spotlight and to make it a more refined, intellectual place, rather than full of "OMG I JUST GOT PWND @ BARROWS TEH GAMES BORKED FAUK JAGEX RAWWWR" So I still have to say that I support keeping it right where it is. So far, yes, it has generated a good portion of traffic, but I feel as though that traffic is genuine and good, rather than just because its here. I like to think of this forum as the little, out of the way, hole in the wall burger shop that never advertises. Sure, it doesnt have a HUGE customer base, but its got good service for the prices, and it doesnt get the screaming groups of kids that McDonalds(for example) does.
  7. Please share your insights then that don't require millions of gp to start, eg. merchanting rares. yes, please tell me how i can now go about making over 200kgp an hour with a starting capital of around 20k. if you can manage to explain a valid, tested, proven and consistant way of doing this, i will personally appear to you in game and bow at your feet and worship you for as long as youd like.
  8. personally, im not so much worried about the runes as i am about vials. before this, my main method of making money was through water filled vial merchanting. it was beautiful. i could go to the farming shop, but all the plant cures i wanted, empty them, then fill them with water and sell them for 150gp profit per vial. now the vials are set to infinite, which means that the huge demand for them will now go down. i mean, sure, we can still sell water filled vials for a bit of profit, but it will probably only be for something like 20 or so gp extra. now i have to find a new method of making money. it will be tough to find something that can make me 100k in a half an hour without too much effort or skill :(
  9. ah, ok, thats what i thought. i guess the guy i heard it from was just paranoid. i didnt think that could actually happen anyway, but as ive learned in my time playing this game, sometimes unexpected things can and do happen.
  10. i heard from somewhere that while catching chinchompas theres a possibility that they could accidentally explode, setting off the ones in your inventory and hurting you. does anyone know anything about this? i never heard it until today, but im about to go on a massive chinchompa hunt and i dont feel like collecting 1k of them, only to have them blow me to bits.
  11. maybe you guys are a bit confused. the wii has an internet channel that it uses to browse the web. if that browser becomes java compatable, then we can play runescape on the wii without the need of anything extra on jagex's part.
  12. which is why i said the word "imagine" before all of that. :roll: at any rate, though, i wonder if it would be that different playing runescape on the wii. i mean, you have the differences in the mouse, and a lack of chat. maybe youd be in more danger of being reported for autoing since your not talking? :ohnoes:
  13. yeah, i never got the refference to the whole stuffing a banana into a bottle thing. whats it from?
  14. lol that'd be interesting. imagine... *swinging the wiimote over your head to mine *slashing witht he wiimote to kill things or cut trees *using the wiimote as a fishing pole or harpoon *using the wiimote to pick a target, then using the nunchuck along with the wiimote to fire arrows at people *using the wiimote to draw magical rune symbols to use magic thatd just be odd... 0.o and @ 0firzen0: its easy to make a pc game that can be played on the wii. theres already tons of them on newgrounds.com.
  15. it used to be my ring of charos(a) until it failed me on my last quest :(
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