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  1. No, it isn't ridiculous. Strategy is needed to win in Clan Wars. Especially if the opposing clan has about the same number of people left as yours, hiding might be a good strategy as your clan can finish them off one by one as they fall into your hiding place. Clan Wars is supposed to be flexible enough to allow you to fight within an area which you can find any enemy inside with enough time, so long as you keep finding. Thus, as I prefer to fight out-front, I neither support nor oppose hiding.
  2. Nice one, Jagex... Stop trying to insult our intelligence.
  3. I was like "OMG..." Looks like December is turning out to be even bigger a month than November.
  4. I believe RuneScape is just a game. Period. It can be a socialist or communist society depending on your point of view. I would say it is more of a socialist one, as Jagex doesn't really interfere with most people's business unless they are breaking the rules.
  5. LOL. After that bit of excitement, how about a cup of tea, Lord Krohn?
  6. No. Others and I have already explained why the Dragon Scimitar owns the Dragon Longsword in terms of normal bashing-ups of monsters.
  7. PKing without loot is utter -BLEEP-. Period.
  8. Congratulations! Hope the five of you can bring Tip.It to greater heights, and at the same time enjoy your experience of being a moderator. :D
  9. Actually, since I'm F2P, I simply have that extremely bad feeling about this...as I guess that F2P will not even be allowed to touch Summoning at all. :( I'm just praying hard that someone at Jagex has a serious change of heart and releases Summoning for F2Pers too. Although whatever the outcome, I must reiterate that Summoning will be the most highly anticipated skill ever. And I applaud the spirit of all of you who are preparing for the release next year. Pardon me if my tone is a little too pompous. =;
  10. I listen to the Mr Brown Show, since I'm a Singaporean.
  11. So, wait... Andrew Gower is really Andrea Gower, and (s)he's your girlfriend? I'm so confused... or did I read too much into that? Err...no. I'm quite sure that Andrew Gower is a male. Err...Dravenstormn? You're an adult? Pardon me for asking, but I rarely see adults playing RuneScape.
  12. Everywhere except Lumbride was a PKing zone back when I died in 2001. Ah, that's a bit far back... I only joined RuneScape in late 2006. Pardon me then, for my utter ignorance.
  13. It wasn't in Lumbridge, it was more like the cow field near Lumbridge. How could you have been killed by another player in a non-PKing zone?
  14. As far as I know, Lumbridge just isn't a PKing area...
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