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My 2 Latest Siggys


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well i took the advice that was given to me on my first sig and changed the fonts on these ones :)




























Please rate them, and also it would be nice to tell me some improvements i could do with them. I am new to terragen so i do not know all of the techniques and i wouldnt mind if you told me some if you know any :D



99/99 Crafting

86/85 Mining

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the second one looks like the mountain is on top of the water. the bottom of the mountain and then the water line is just one line. .








Also try the mountains on land instead of water or make them more [bleep]ey like glaciers

Lazyboy164 - 126 combat - 16 99's - 2215+ Total


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Visit my post! :wink:




U can see like 10 sigs i have made to ppl.




Maybe check cause it would help ya with text fitting with a sig etc.








Nice, but it aint realastic...

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