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  1. everyone posting about the know sleep or whatever and nice job...i just want to know "your" secret. make a guide when you get 99 to possibly help the others out and dont leave out any details
  2. ...*Say ello to my litla frien*-Scarface ...*Is that you John Wayne, is this my*-Full Metal Jacket ...*Tell me the truth!..You cant handle the truth!*-A Few Good Men Lastly, in Tombstone-*Maybe Poker's just not your game Ike. I know let's have a spelling contest.*
  3. they guy dieing needs work, but the ranger smiling is cool
  4. thats a pretty cool sig man...9/10 :D
  5. Max

    sig and ava

    man, thats a week sig :?
  6. i think not...will take to much time just to print off 100 movies, then i will have to think of which i like more i like them all, ill just say that :wink:
  7. :shock: :shock: thats sweet man...i love ur painting :D :D
  8. whoa man...thats a nice looking sig man, i give it a 10/10 :D
  9. hate the 1st 1...2nd is weird...the 3rd is funny :wink:
  10. can i ask if something is wrong with u?
  11. hehe, u may think its awesome, but i do like it; however, its funny
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