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Hello, I had a look and didnt find much of substance, so I made a post. I'm curious as to how many different greegrees you can actually get, and also whether they are tradeable or not? A location of monkeys would be nice for the greegrees too, I already have karamja and ninja, about to get a temple guard one and a zombie one, but some guy just told me theres at least 5, so whats the 5th one, and others if there are more?

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there should only be 4 greegree's, Zombie, Karamjan Monkey, Ninja and Gorilla Greegree's, there is no other monkeys or apes you can make your greegree out of (unless you can kill Awowogei)

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I don't know why you told him to look at the bottom of the Monkey Madness guide. That tells you how to get back a lost greegree not how many different ones there are.




There really are 5 different types. First one is the Karamja monkey one. There is the Gorilla one. There is the Zombie monkey one. There is also the small ninja monkey one. And the fifth one is the big ninja monkey one. The big ninja monkey stands near that statue just west of the Temple.

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Actually, from what i have found, there are seven different types of gree grees. I dunno if this is against the rules or not (so don't hurt me!), but here is a site I found with a faq on it. http://www.zybez.net/misc.php?id=13




I have 4 currently, (karamja, small ninja, gorilla, and big zombie) and I have the bones for two (bearded gorilla and small zombie). I'm having a difficult time getting the big ninja. I'm going to go make the two more soon, so I will tell you if there is really 7 (or at least 6.)

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ok heres the full list. i'm going to include ones you have for other people to see:




Karamja Monkey: use karamja monkey bones


Ninja Monkey: small ninja monkey bones, go to the top of the temple for these


Big Ninja Monkey: also known as Padulah. just kill Padulah


Big Zombie: kill these in the tunnel or the dungeon with the fire walls


Small Zombie: kill these in the fire wall dungeon


Gaurd: kill in the temple, use the altar to keep prayer on


Bearded Gaurd: these are the ones by the trapdoor that block your movement. if you look closely, you see they're exactly like gaurds except with beards

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