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urgent help needed


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Hi guys, long time no speak!




First of all.. my PC will boot and the screen won't display, So I changed the video card and still, nothing happened. I then changed the mainboard.. and still, nothing happened.






Please guys, Does anyone have an idea what the problem may be?

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Does it beep at all? If not, do you have the PC speaker connected to the motherboard in the right place? The beeps can tell you what's wrong if you look them up in your motherboard manual.

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Does your monitor show anything when it is NOT plugged into the PC, but is turned on and powered up?




It's my understanding that most will show some sort of "check signal/no signal" message. If you don't get anything, and your power cord is removable...try another. If not your monitor is the problem.




If the monitor does fire up, check the cable that connects to your PC. Make sure none of the pins on any of the connectors are bent. Try another cord, if yours isn't hardwired to your monitor and you have a spare, that is.




Good luck!

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