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Wc and Fletching


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I am currently 60 WC and 50 fletching. I need to cut 13k willows for 75 wc and 70 fletching, whereas I need 9k maples for the same result.




Which would be the best way to go?


I am going to be stringing teh bows and burning whatever I have leftover to *hopefully* get 60 firemaking.




Advice Please. :pray:

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DO NOT STRING THEM! It's a total waste of money.




and willows are alot faster. i would guess about 4 or 5x faster to get if the server is quite empty.

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i would do maples but they do take longer. if you want it alot faster then do willows but for a little bit longer use the maples in seers past the path (on the way to relleka) they're a little far from bank but nearly always empty



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I'd go with willows too, way faster to cut, resulting in faster xp.


And as ValaraZ mentioned, do NOT string them, it's really not worth the money..

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Actually it's free.




Anyway, it isn't waste of money at all. It's waste of time. If you want to power-fletching you should just cut these and then drop them. Noted would make it quicker.




All the bow makers are in Gnome Stronghold, that's the best place. :mrgreen:




Not literally of course. It is literally the best place but it isn't litterally all bow makers there.




Anyway, yeah try Gnome Stronghold. :mrgreen:

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