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Friend List Stickies


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Friend List Stickies


Ok before i begin, How many of you have Friend that pm once in like few months and say "Hi whats up?" and you got no idea who they even are. or friends that you are woundering who are they?




If you answered yes then support my solution.


i am probebly not the first one to suggest this, plz no spamm or flam




So, How it works?




For each of you friend in your list a little "Sticky Button" will be added.






Whats it do?


When you right click, another option will be added, called "Who Is" Option










Then what?




When you click it you will be able to see who is this friend, or set what he does.








How we set it up?




Well if you click the "Change Category" you will be able to choose what he does or how is he.








If he is a seller or a buyer then you can choose what he sale or buy:


















Real Friend...






Magic Log Seller



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Mabye instead of choosing the catagories, you could type in a small description of the person, eg. 'Good friend' 'Met at magic logs' 'sold me discounted mage logs'. Would help i think, and make it less confusing, (especially if you have multipule buyers/sellers etc).




I am actually thinking on changing it to that..... allthought i will not edit my first post till tomorrow (then ill make a new picture) :P




Thanks for the idea :-k

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I think a better idea would be to have catagories that you can expand collapse. Kinda like AIM. You can make the catagories yourself. Like..




good friends


ok friends


new friends




clan mates





Quit RS, combat 104, total 1651


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I'd also like a 'Friended List' to see who made you their friend.




Whois should be more detailed, because, well, I think Whois should cover every bit of info you need. And make those menus a 'Manage' command.




>whois Zezima


// Zezima: combat 1337 ; Premium P2P (for life!) ; preferred world:123456 ;


// Description: The best player!

[Admin Edit: Innapropriate Text in sig removed]

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Yeh, its a good idea, although you missed out herbs on the different selections for buyers and sellers.

90 Combat 1900+ Total

99 Crafting 99 Cooking 99 Firemaking

99 Herblore 99 Fletching 98 Farming



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Good idea. But instead of prefixed categories.. why not give comments about the players yourself? It would be much more convenient to set your own description.
lol, I can see people making stuff up for zezima. Half the RS population has him in their friend list. :lol:

Quit RS, combat 104, total 1651


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like a month ago i suggested that anyone who you didnt talk to for a month that was at least on with you at the same time gets thrown off your list. I also said that the list should have a profile button, giving a link to thier highscores(might help against scammers and in wildy), current locaation, membership status, and activity) this way less of your friends go "where r u?"

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