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Noob needs help on Herblore


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Hi all,




I am just starting out on herblore and need to know where I can find Merrentill herbs?




Are they available at spawn points or as drops from monsters?




Many thanks

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Any monster that drop herbs can drop marrentills. There is no spawn point as far as i know, but these guys are good herb droppers:




1. Men/Women (low level, good training too if you are low on combat, Edgeville being best place)


2. Al Kharid Warriors (Pretty low level, close to bank, auto attacks if you attack anybody so you dont have to run anywhere, and they drop good heap of herbs)


3. Chaos Druids (popular, but far from bank, taverly dungeon being best place, or chaos druid tower near ardougne if you have 48 thieving)


4. Flesh Crawlers (stronghold of security level 2, IMO the best herb dropper out there, close to bank and drop good stuff like fire and nature runes often, and a lot of high level herbs too)




I would suggest Al Kharid warrior if your herblore is low, and move on to the Flesh Crawlers when you can identify say... Ranarrs or something.




Good luck.

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I like ^^^^his idea, supplemented with a ring of wealth, because it increases herb drops. Also, a lot of people at the choas druids drop the lower level herbs you are looking for, because they require higher level ones. You can just pick them up from the floor!!!




Also, you can farm all kinds of herbs. Guam only requires lvl 9, and marrentil only requires lvl 14. Also these seeds are relatively easy to obtain: either thieve from master farmers, or buy them from other players (not sure on prices, though).



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hmmm, taverly dungeon is good cause lots of people will just drop lower lvl herbs from guam-harrlander


but if u wana kill for em id go to the ones in lvl 2-3 wildy hardly anyone ever goes there and pkers certainly dont go there


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i always kill chaos druid warriors as they drop 2nd items needed too.




so maybe try this once your level is a little highe as they tend to be higher level 2ndary items




the again i dropped almost all the herbs i colelcted last time as they were all guam and marrentil!




so theres another option for you :)

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If you have started Recipe for disaster and have the right slayer level (it's really low but I don't know exactly) and have at least started the lost tribe quest go to cave crawlers, super close to bank, low level and drop all kinds of herbs.

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