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Me and my friend Ukalltheway chillin


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where is the anti flame shield when u need it






*nudges anti-flame shield under the bed* :twisted:




This is a screenshot... The Gallery is for real art.. Not the crap made by Jagex.. If you want to show off how rich you are go where people care, because I don't play Runescape so the junk you're wearing is.. Well junk.

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lol im not rich, and were not showing off. were just having fun. this is a runescape fansites forums, so get over it




And like axe said this is the media board.




We prefer art here, not screenshots. :roll:

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Hi and welcome to the forum. Please take the time to read the forum rules and take the time to find out where to post.


- "I am willing to die...I mean try" - Jewelfire (Want to go bossing?)
-"we tried, we cried and we died!" - Limparse (What happens to old farts and tarts on monster-hunts)
- "...and we found out that there are as many ways to get to warriors guild
...as there are elders trying to get there" - Lysi
*snods agely* sorry... *nods sagely* - Brammy

-"Equality is being treated the SAME as everyone else;

not having special treatment and unique things added in to everything." - Sy_Accursed

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