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What's easy and fast way to make money in F2P?


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woodcutting is a good way to make money, escpecially willows and yews.

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I see you have 53 wood cutting, I would cut oak logs they sell for about 30-40Each, once you have leveled a bit you could move upto yew.. There is a oak tree very close to a bank in varrock which might help you






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*cries* Someone needs to make a guide on how to make money for F2P and P2P because there are so many topics on this.




On Topic: Woodcutting made me loads of money, although it gets rather slow when you cut yews.






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Not posting how to make money topics is a good way to start. Mining coal would have to be the fastest way to make money nowadays, as the price keeps going up for coal. Yews seems to be going down a bit..

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I would suggest mining iron (level 15) or coal (level 30)


A full load or iron is worth about 2800 or so and coal about 4200 or so.




When you get your smithing to level 30 (29 with a dwarven stout) then


you can make steel bars. A full load of steel bars can sell for 15000 or so.


If you do the knight's sword quest you can jump to level 29 immediately.


(according to the Jagex knowledge base)




Hope this helps

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B bones are pretty profitable and you also gain combat stats too :D




Once your combat is reasonable, consider pking...it's quite the profitable profession if done properly.






Once again another person agrees with me pking is a good way of making money. It's better then catching lobs and alot more fun :D

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