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  1. One name i will always remember is l6vi Was number 1 back in the day for a while lol
  2. The minimal black marks for macroing at its lowest point was 5 (and the punishment USUALLY given in this era--was still a permanent ban). These days, I'm pretty sure you're just always permanently banned. There hasn't ever been a time where people were allowed to macro multiple times and still play RS. (Except maybe outside that stat wipe of 5000 accounts in classic) I beg to differ. And, there is confusion. The thread is for CURRENTLY banned, they are working for something for EVERYONE that will let black marks degrade. More may take more time than others. A month maybe for a language mark, Three for macro. In which case Ill be waiting a very , very long time. .5 black marks and a 10 day ban for the first 4, a 10 day ban and 5 black marks for the last. So you have autoed 5 different times yet you are not banned? I appealed in this tread because 3 years ago i traded some arrows from my main to my pker and it got denied.. o well
  3. Think you must be level 42 Thieving to get in also
  4. These pics was posted by The Cheese on http://z13.invisionfree.com/TSG/ http://z13.invisionfree.com/TSG/ http://z13.invisionfree.com/TSG/ http://z13.invisionfree.com/TSG/ [hide] [/hide]
  5. Well done to the 6 that got selected... I always don't write nice things about Jagex and what they are doing to Runescape.. So that sort of put me out of the running early :? Just out of interest jessy87, Did you apply ?
  6. Just be gratefully you get a 2nd chance.. If you were not a Player mod they would have not even looked at this appeal In this game it's not what you know it who you know...
  7. Yep I agree with you, Jagex has been talking up how they are getting rid of autoers... Yet the problem is worse then 2 years ago... I am not going to waste my time reporting people :roll:
  8. Once they deny the "Last chance Appeal" thats it.. So i would take a break for a week before writing it
  9. It's the only way i ever get gems :oops:
  10. Don't even think about doing it guys.. I was banned last year and lost about 64 rares It's not worth it :shame:
  11. Bit of a worry 63% of people that voted are not members of the forums :?
  12. Mate this topic is 8 months old...
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