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Wut shud i use.....?


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wut shud i use my guthans for? i just got it 2day


its kinda random tho


click my sig for my blog!!!

Thanks everyone for the sigs they pwn!

No. Why should i give presents for someone in rs?

Most selfish thing I've ever heard

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slayer all the way mate

signature your as this use backwards this read to enough smart were you if

^^^^read backwards^^^^




^^^^The Best Melee Training Spot In The Game^^^^



^^^^The new Bandits^^^^


even i have the misfile craze!!!

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train on a monster tougher than usual so instead of rockcrabs firegiants :P this is because at rockcrabs you dont need food while firegiants you do but dont use as the bank is along way away :shock:


just saves banking time 8-)


trolls are good for guthaning


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