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*EDIT* Woah, I triple posted? o.O






Trying my hand at space-art for the first time.




I read Alyn's (Justalyn at devart I think) about nebula's. It's nothing more then a good guide, not a tutorial. It points out which aspects to think about, it doesn't show how to do things step by step.






This is cropped off a big piece im making.


I resized a part of it, and coloured it (I'm working in greyscale in the big file, I colour afterwards), and I'm quite fond of it.






Alot of Cloud stockphotos.


Standard round brush.


My imagination.




A great inspiration, real nebulas:






I did not use any of these images.


I merely looked at them.


Tried to get my colours as they are there, multiple varying colours in one piece.








On to the sig:








Big Image is far from fininshed yet, but I enjoy doing this, so keep you eyes open for it ;)

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This is very good for your first mate, very good. Now you don't even need stock pictures of clouds, give me a moment, and I'll post up some settings you can use on the standard soft brushes to achieve that effect. But this is very good, and I'm looking forward to seeing a full size Space scene from you.




Also, good job not using a tutorial and figuring out for yourself. Alyn has an amazing mind and he always told me, "I'll guide you but I won't tell you how." It all comes down to this, "Well here is an idea how it could be done but you'll just have to do it yourself." Thus doing it yourself you might find a nifty little way for yourself to do it and make it your own. Great job mate.




Actually give me a little bit longer :-P. This is the method I use for the little piece you see in my sig, not the best but I didn't have much time. Was for a graphics battle and time was of the essence XD.





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Thanks Jacob.


But I used my trusty old Psp7 for this.


And sadly, it doesn't have a very big ammount of options for brushes.




I'll have to try it in photoshop though, as it looks great. Thanks.

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