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Recent sigs I've done, Check them out.


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I figured that I would post some of the recent signatures I've done for people in my requests post. Because I dont want to get that post cluttered up (i'd rather just keep it to requests) but I still want to get comments on what i've done, I decided I should make a post here :).






heres some i've done for others so far:










Nothing big. Used some stock of trees in the background and brushed up on it. Not one of my most techinical by far, but I like it (and seems he did as well).










Liked this one as well, nothing big though. (just another abstract-y deal.).










Newest I did for pureleader. Probaly my favorite out of the bunch so far. He wanted a style simular to the "iScott" sig I did, so made it for him. :)




And I couldnt get a color to 'fit' the sig, and I liked it better b/w, so I kept it like that.






Hopefully I will get unlazy soon and work on a forest scene request someone wanted. (darn you Beamo... :D).

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very good.I like the first ones much more than the third one though.


Completely opposite for me. I'm not a fan of the first and second but the third one pwns. Decent job on 1 and 2 and a great job on 3.

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Sorry Nad.. i'm really not liking these ones :(




The text on all of them are kinda lame, they need AA too.




First one doesn't look appealing, the panda render isn't blended really, and the background is even worse.




Second one, you also didn't attempt to blend the render, your text is inconsistent and looks odd, the background is nice but the render doesn't match! nor does the text!




Third one is probably the best out of them, but from what i can tell it's a photo with a gray color over it and maybe soft lighted a few times. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there is more too it but I'm just not seeing it.




Overall i'd have to give you a 3/10. Better luck next time.



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Axe you missed the big pointy thing on the left :wink: .




Yeah I didn't blend in the renders, guess i'll do that next time. (I don't ever use them ><).




I'll deffinitly do that on the next sig I work on. I think my goal was to have it as the main focal point.

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