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Antaeus [2283/2496] Fire Cape!

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Hi, Blogscape! This blog isn't dead! :) I've recently gotten back to playing somewhat regularly. Hopefully I'll also remember to keep up with updating here :D I've been adjusting my front page to reflect my current goals. Not yet finished with that.

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Thanks :)


Got 99 Defence today :D!

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Hi again, Blogscape. I've changed my first post a bit and added a few blurbs from Feb2011 to today (reverse chronological order because I'm lazy. sorry!) :D 99 Runecraft and other Levels, Completed Quests and a diary, and a dragon chain drop from Dust devils


[spoiler=Handfull of blog entries added today]

[Tuesday 08.03.2011]

Silly me. I did some Dungeoneering with Lara so that we wouldn't have to be ashamed of our unranked skills anymore, and then we encountered a door that required 97 Runecraft o: I unlocked it and the experience from that gave me


99 Runecrafting! I'm also glad to be getting some dungeoneering levels. I've been looking forward to really exploring the skill and the Daemonheim area. :) (started at 29) Currently 37 Dungeoneering, going for more.


[Thursday 03.03.2011]

I grabbed 89 herblore so that I can get more experience out of the Bonus XP Weekend with a higher level potion. With that, I was also able to boost my herblore up to meet the 92 herblore requirement needed for the Seers Elite Diary.


I still haven't used up the charges from my Hati Paws, so I paid a visit to some steel dragons and got a clue with Rune (g) legs. It was a bit slow for me so I decided to get the xp by chinning instead XD


97 ranged! I'm tempted to train it now (97 feels so close 99). For now I'm just going to use up the rest of the charges from Hati Paws at steels.



This weekend I set myself up to get 92+ herblore over the bonus xp weekend coming up. I decided to finally use up some of the bones in my bank to get


92 Prayer that I've been putting off for a while. I also went to abyssal demons for a while to try out gathering Infernal Ashes. It's pretty quick cash, so that's nice. Also unlocked Curses by completing The Temple at Senntisten as well as the 3 quests that I needed to do to have access to it. Woohoo, curses!


After that I headed over to Herblore habitat for the first time. Still trying to figure that out so I can get the most out of my herb farming.



Well hello, 2011. I'm finally making a blog post! I've been on for a bit at a time just doing some slayer, and I actually got a drop that I've been wanting FOREVER.


Yay, Dragon Chainbody! It's not worth as much as it used to be but it still looks awesome >:D

I've been quite close to 99 Runecraft for ages. Feels good to be so near a goal that I've had for so long. Now I'm focusing on combat and making money for gear 'cause I miss me some boss hunting \m/



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The irony of it is, I hadn't seen your name before I decided mine. :P


Good luck with your goals. :)

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Beer! :D


New stuff:

93 Attack (132 Combat)





The Bonus XP Weekend came and went, and with it I gained


90-93 Herblore, as well as


86-89 Thieving. I'm quite pleased with that. I also got a sceptre from pyramid plunder on my first run, which was nice.


Otherwise my week has been pretty busy :) I did get in some slayer and tried out the ring of wealth to see what's up. Got 150 Onyx bolts as a drop from Black Demons, not too bad. Also 93 Attack and 132 Combat

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Been awhile since you posted last.





People in glass houses should shower in the basement.


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Yeah, I'm not very consistant :)


[Wednesday 14.6.2011]

Summer! Not a whole lot going on lately. My computer doesn't have internet again, so I don't have any pictures this time. I've been doing some slayer and getting an odd level here and there. I was inspired by Ben and Cs who both got their fire capes, and I went ahead and got one for myself. Man, that took forever. Since I have that out of the way now, I'm hoping to complete the Karamja Elite Diary before going Dk'ing. I have 2 smithing levels, the Blood Runs Deep quest, an agile top to get, and a couple slayer levels (unless wild pies work for the strykewyrm task). Not too bad. I'm also trying to pick up some money by flipping at the grand exchange. I'm not very good at that, but it's going alright.


I've also made a twitter :D @AntaeusZP How fun. Looking for people to follow #stalkertime <3:

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