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got an Old sig around?? and want it to be used? 500k.


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Well, i want a new sig, i have a bit of a graphic block for quite some time now. Have been makin to much smiley sigs for a clan i think....








So i think im in need of a new sig. So why not ask my friend on the media board ( as far as they remember me :wink: ) to get me a nice sig.




I've been away from the media board for quite some time but i got my reasons for that.








But, to come ontopic, i basicly was wondering if any off you guys have any Old sigs around that look awsome. A sig you dont use anymore or havent sold it. But you think is worth wearing.








I hope to see some wonderfull sigs here, cuz i know alot of the artists here have made awsome sigs that havent been weared!








so i hope this is a bit clear for you guys.

















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Heres an interesting one I did :)












I can re-customise it if you're interested.....



Superknight/Blademaster: Level 150; Hps: 132

Theoretical damage per round: 234

Highest recorded damage in one round: 104

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its pretty old but it was left unsold :P didnt find a satisfying offer, if its good? thats up to you!








o btw entered in the biggest and best competition ever!, Smellysock's competition (smelly dont tell whats wrong with it, trust me i know)








i can make changes btw, im going to remove the outlines now..so.. tell me if you whant any changes!

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aah, some nice sigs indeed...








i will not choose yet.








x3ro, name probally will be Bossie.








and nachtshaduw, it can be any style of sig.




i just want a a sig with real good quality and with alot of efford in it.

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