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Best F2P yewing spot


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I am looking for the best combination of quantity of trees, lack of macroers, and distance to a bank available. Thanks!




Well, your kinda asking for the impossible.




Any spot that you like that has trees and is close to a bank,




will also be popular with the macroers.




They want the same things that you do.








Better to be aware of the locations of the 23 Yew trees in the F2P world.




They are located:




4 NW of Rimmington




3 S of Fally




1 N of Port Sarim




4 between Draynor Village and Lumbridge




1 in the Lumbridge graveyard




1 south of Varrock




3 around the Earth altar




1 next to the NE Varrock church




3 behind the Varrock palace




2 SW of the Edgeville bank








You could go and check some of these trees on different worlds




until you find a spot/world that you like.




The Edgeville spot is probably the most popular.








Hope this helps

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Rimmington with Falador tele best overall in my opinion.




[spoiler=Stats:]Updated December 22, 2011:


Total level - 1442 - 170M+ XP , Combat level - 115

Combat skills: Attack - 90, Defence - 99 (24.45m+ XP), Strength - 90, Constitution - 99 (16.42M+ XP) Ranged - 99 (13.32M+ XP), Prayer - 60, Magic - 99 (13.25M+ XP)

Non-Combat skills: Cooking - 99 (13.80M+ XP), Woodcutting - 99 (31.95M+ XP), Fishing - 90, Firemaking - 99 (24.82M+), Crafting - 90, Smithing - 90, Mining - 85, Runecrafting - 60, Dungeoneering - 85


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