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New Excersize Method


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Eat lots of protein (Eggs, Steak, Pork, etc.) and lift lots of weights. To gain 10-15 pounds of muscle, you will have to work out a lot. You have to remember that when you work out, you burn fat too, so you will start to lose weight, then put more on.

~~Let The Dragon ride again, on the winds of time~~


I've always felt as if I'm the only person who can understand the concept of sarcasm on the internet.

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lol... when I was 11 all the girls were bigger than me. It used to drive me crazy. Don't worry about it. You will be fine. Just have some patience.








In the meantime take these other guys advice and stay away from weights until you get older.

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It's perfectly fine that you can see your ribs. Most 11 year males (I believe) haven't even started puberty yet. This shouldn't even be on your mind yet. Are you even in middle school yet? Don't worry about how you look right now - even I can see the frame of my ribs and I'm 18.

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