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.:My Runescape Blog -- Jenkees2:.

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[----Banner coming soon - left my laptop in school :wall: (has Paint Shop Pro on)----]








Currently: Fletching 1k Yew Longbows/Cooking a bit on f2p (Karamja)




Status: 1056/3k Yew Longs/Just keep going until I get bored...












Hi, welcome to my first ever Runescape blog. Please try and help keep this thread bumped, even if it's just a quick "hi". My private chat is on as often as possible, and I'm usually on from about 3:30 GMT. If you want to call me by my real name, it's Will, but if you want to use my RS name, "jenkees2" please use simply "jenkees". Some stupid noob took the name "jenkees" before I could, and they don't even use it! :x :x .








Anyway, enjoy my blog.








Starting Skills and Cash:












Current Skills:








82 Combat




Current Cash:












Skill Goals:




Note: Some skills are not displayed in a goal bar. This is




because they are not over level 30 and/or in the top million.
















jenkees2.gifKind of obvious...








jenkees2.gif Spend my pest points on it, and slayer assignments




jenkees2.gifHave my whip set on defence when I'm getting my pest points for strength




jenkees2.gifAgain kind of obvious... (If I don't reach it by the time I've finished my other combat goals, I'll get pest points and use them on it.)




jenkees2.gifSafe spot Blue Dragons




jenkees2.gifHigh Alch my Yew Longbows




jenkees2.gifUse my dragon bones from blue dragons with ectofuntus




jenkees2.gifMine iron west of Falador to 60/61, and then mine coal in Mining Guild (I'll get twice as much coal as iron for steel bars)




jenkees2.gif Make steel bars out of my coal and iron, and then make cannon balls




jenkees2.gifCut Yews in (my secret location :-$ )




jenkees2.gif2.5k Yew Shortbows to 70, and then Yew Longbows all the way to 99!




jenkees2.gifWillows, willows, willows








jenkees2.gifCosmics, through the abyss or simply walking through Lost City




jenkees2.gifTasks. Simple. (Weapon on strength)




jenkees2.gifStealing nats in Ardougne, or maybe Pyramid Plunder (when I find out about it)




jenkees2.gifBrimhaven agility arena




Fishing---------------> 53 .:.:. Currently: 31 .:.:..:.:..:.:. Well... I'm going to fish randomly until 40, and the fish lobs




Cooking-------------> 53 .:.:. Currently: 41 .:.:..:.:..:.:. Cook everything I fish




Herblore-------------> 38 .:.:. Currently: 25 .:.:..:.:..:.:. Strength, Attack and Anti Poisons (for my own use)




Construction--------> 50 .:.:. Currently: 23 .:.:..:.:..:.:. Make my house nice, and then make lots of packaged items in the workshop.




Farming-------------> 30 .:.:. Currently: 15 .:.:..:.:..:.:. Plant all the seeds I have in my bank (that my level allows)




Hunter---------------> 30 .:.:. Currently: 9 .:.:..:.:..:.:. Trap the best bird I can for my level (collect feathers)








Level Pictures:




Note: These are in the order they came. I'm useless at remembering to take screenshots when I level, so there are gaps. Sorry :|




















[----- 58 Mage -----]




























[----- 64 Strength -- 81 Combat! -----]




[----- 49 Crafting -----]








[----- 51 Crafting -----]








[----- 65 Strength -----]




[----- 45 Prayer -----]




[----- 66 Strength -----]




[----- 72 Fletching -----]
































Cash Goals:




I'm currently saving 4MIL for the following items:




Abby Whip------------1700k




Torag Plate-----------0700k




Torag Legs-----------0700k




Obby Shield----------0350k




Obby Cape-----------0300k




Rune Boots-----------0200k




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Nice goals, but you have low skills :shock: (I don't mean anything by it, except they are low for your combat skils). Just keep training and you'll get there (you might want to first get other skills up before trying to reach the big 99, training can be very boring...).

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Lol guys I don't care if you say my skills are low. Only your real opinion is useful. I don't skill that much, if I need a level for a quest I'll get it, and I train individual to make money (Woodcutting and smithing mainly).








Thanks guys :thumbsup:




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I'm going for flectching because I'm sooo sick of being poor. Fletching can be very profitable. I went from bezerker helm, obby cape, glory, whip, rune plate, obby shield, rune legs, ring of wealth and rune boots to nothing within a month! I just kept selling stuff and spending cash on leveling and other stuff (for example ppots for my dropless 68 iron drag adventure) I wasted so much money on that!!! :wall:




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Little program I made : "Teller" is Dutch for Counter. You enter a number andevery time you click the button, it will do -1. Easy to keep count of things, such as slayer assignements, so I don't have to click the gem every time. (so no macro ...)








.html]http://rapidshare.com/files/19924686/Teller[Caution: ExecutableFile].html




(it's downloaded in like 5 seconds)

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