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  1. Maybe we can have other places mentioned other than banks Ge Lumbridge ;) I reckon Jagex will make random event places like Mime Theatre and Maze a safe place.
  2. Looks nice; but from what we've seen so far there's not many large additions and improvements from the DS and other versions. Hopefully there's more to the game than what we have learned so far otherwise I may have to give it a miss.
  3. It's a really nice update, as it now supports well with widescreen laptops of various dimensions. Has anyone got a laptop that has HDMI to hook up to their HD TV so that they can play RuneScape even bigger? I'd really like a pic :) However, with this update, it does kinda make RuneScape Fullscreen as a worthless members benefit though.
  4. Anyone else tried entering the cave just north of the Ruins at the quest starter point where inside its all empty...in the first passage I see lots of dripping water with empty fire pits; in the second passage is again empty apart from soft soil. Then the third passage has the gravestones of people like Jennica Bonde and a decayed altar. The examines are quite weird too. I have to go for a bit so could not post screenies but hopefully other people can check it out
  5. Ok I've done the quest, got the extra 10k farming xp by entering the portal at ruins with the special tree. Tried entering the portal at original quest start point but was prevented....so where's this new combat area?
  6. Mate gave me Ring of Duelling...did Castle Wars :D
  7. To put it simply......no I dont meet the requirements. Hopefully over the summer I'll be getting a new laptop in time for Sixth Form and obviously that laptop would be able to fit the requirements. Infact, the new graphics and fullscreen mode could lure me back into RuneScape. ;)
  8. Potter_Pkr

    Smash Club.

    Well it's my summer holidays now and while watching Euro 2008 I have been eagerly awaiting Brawl. Just under 2 weeks to go until it finally hits Europe :D
  9. I like the fact that it looks similar to the main site. :
  10. There's also the fact that movies were filmed and shown in wide-screens in the cinema, and so when widescreen TVs etc had started to pop up the excitement was about having a 'home cinema'. :
  11. Yep the SD Card slot is dead useful, can use it for my Zen and Wii : If you have a look round you maybe able to get a larger capacity (8gb, 16gb or even 32gb) for a good price. For myself I own the 8GB model which cost me ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâã99.99 through Amazon UK. I also had a look at my local electronics stores like Currys and House of Frasier which was stocking the 4GB model for ÃÆââ¬Å¡Ãâã99.99! Was really happy with my saving :D The headphones that come with this ZEN are very good quality considering that it comes with the player.
  12. The most recent delay is definitely to do with marketing (for atleast Japan). It would be impossible the Japanese version because the game would have already 'gone gold'. I would say that as the sales of Wii Fit and other games are still very high (amongst other reasons) that it why the game has been delayed. I just hope that Europe gets the game in March or April now. (Perhaps the Easter holidays?)
  13. I have a Creative Zen. Definitely worth it, but buy the leather case for it because the screen can scratch quite easily.
  14. Yep I love the show. It is very funny. My favourite improviser is Ryan Stiles :) Scenes in a Hat plus Props are probably my favourite rounds. Party Quirks is also a really good one. Have you also watched the British original? It is very good also :)
  15. At the moment it is Mario Galaxy and Fifa 08 for Wii. Both are class games.
  16. Potter_Pkr


    So any Tip It members a fan of the show? What are your favourite characters and episodes? I love Seinfeld, the show is a gem. I currently have seasons 1-3, 6 and 8 on DVD and I am slowing getting the other seasons. My favourite episodes are The Library, (investigator for the library called 'Bookman' :XD: ) The Little Kicks, The Chicken Roaster, The Yada Yada, The Doorman, The Subway, The PEZ Dispenser...and many more : In the UK they rarely broadcast the show these days so I rely on the DVDs to watch them.
  17. Yeah it suggests that once Blu-Ray does rule out on top, people will want to buy a PS3 because its a cheap Blu-Ray player compared to the other players on the market. I still use VHS to record TV programmes :XD:
  18. I wouldn't mind not having anymore updates if we got a Euro release date!! I hope Final Destination returns, no where to hide :wink:
  19. It does look like Blu-Ray will win. However I don't plan to get a Blu-Ray or HD-DVD player until one format is the official main one. Plus, we don't have a HD TV in our house so there is no need yet to step up from usual DVDs :
  20. Super Mario Galaxy is amazing. I got it for Christmas. I think I'm on 40ish stars. How about you? I keep playing Fifa 08 on Wii online, both games are addictive :P Good Luck on the 1900 total : You should go for 1950/2000 once Summoning is released :D
  21. Yes but the sounds of it baalboy5 is 15 now but EA still thinks he is 10. I'm not sure what you can do baalboy5, have you tried making another account?
  22. I'm no longer members but you could try checking the areas during the Cold War quest, that would be my only possible suggestion.
  23. Still no European release date :cry: Brawl is looking amazing. I plan to do the Subspace Emissary first then go online. If I already know who the secret characters are already then I'll go online a lot. I think that you unlock most of the characters as you go through the Subspace Emissary which is good. Though I hope that there are the more conventional ways of unlocking characters (through Classic Mode) too just to add more variety.
  24. I saw the whole series on BBC4. Thought the comedy and songs were very funny and nice to hear :D
  25. I already quit the game 2 months ago. I still plan to log on for the Christmas update though.
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