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Bronze & Iron Dragons


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I was wondering if I could kill Iron Dragons, or even Bronze.








Combat: 77




Hitpoints: 66




Attack: 60




Strength: 75




Defence: 48




Prayer: 44












I was wondering if I used anti fire potions, prayer.. could I melee them? I can use a Dragon Scimitar and Dragon Dagger? Think I could do Iron?

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Oh.. Well I have 47 magic.. I could use the chaos spells. Why can't I melee them?




They have EXTREMELY high defence. Even higher leveld people (100+) have difficulty meleeing them. They take hugh quantities of food/pray pots, while mage doesn't take as much.

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you could, but would also have to bring p pots, and it prob wouldn't be to cost effective at your lvls at all. When i was maging them a while back, noone under 110 comb or so would melee them......

Barrows drops: ahrims staff (2), karils coif, karils xbow, torags plate body, veracs helm.

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Well first things first: at your level it would be a waste of time energy and money trying to melee BRONZE or IRON DRAGONS (Steel are in the same area as Iron)








I have maged steel/iron dragons since lvl 65 mage and i'm 80 now. i have had 8 dragon drops and MANY MANY rune drops.








This is what you should bring: (for 5k Chaos)








8 x Antifire Pots (4)




4 x Monkfish (u never know when u might get a little tooo close)




25k Fire Runes (you bring extra because they drop bloods and deaths)




5k Chaos




Rune W/C axe (for vines on the way)




Full Blue Mystic -gloves




Chaos Gauntlets (From the Family Feud Quest)




- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -








I usually get around 1 dragon drop and 9-11 Rune (Armour/Weapon) [not including knives, darts (p) or javelins] per 5k chaos




















Total Level 1400




99 Fletching




Full Dragon (2.6m Off Dragon Chain) SO CLOSE \'








Dragon Drops: 3 x D-legs, 2 x D-skirts, 2 x D-meds




Barrows Drops: Dh Plate, Karil Skirt, V helm, Guthan Helm, Ah Hood, (RACKS >.<) Karils x-bow

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